Best Comedy Shows in Las Vegas

You might know Vegas for its Cirque shows and magicians, but Las Vegas is one of the best cities in America to catch a comedy show, too!

And, sure, some of these also involve elements of magic or Cirque-like performers, but that’s all to be expected in Vegas.

Sin City shows are never short on laughs, but these are the best side-splitting shows on (and slightly off) the Strip!

10 of the Top Vegas Comedy Shows in 2021

Peen and Teller magic show vegas

Penn & Teller in Las Vegas, via Flickr:

Penn & Teller

Penn & Teller are the biggest Strip headliners that are not actually on the Strip—their showroom is inside the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino, located just off the Strip.

Regardless, this dynamic duo is still one of the top headlining acts in Vegas, and their enduring popularity over the last two decades is a testament to that. The show changes constantly based mostly on their whims, but expect plenty of acerbic wit and some of the best live magic you’ll see anywhere.

Piff the Magic Dragon in Las Vegas

Piff the Magic Dragon is known for his appearances in America’s Got Talent and Penn and Teller’s Fool Us. Via Instagram @piffthemagicdragon.

Piff The Magic Dragon

Piff The Magic Dragon was “the loser” of season 10 of America’s Got Talent (he came in second place), and that is one of the recurring punch lines of his headlining show at the Flamingo Las Vegas. What else would you expect from a grown man dressed in a dragon costume?

While most of the other entertainers on this list are extremely high-energy, Piff is decidedly the opposite: expect a lot of subtle dry British humor delivered in cantankerous deadpan and even more subtle sleight-of-hand magic that fooled even Penn & Teller.

You’ll also love his little sidekick Mr. Piffles, “The World’s Only Magic Performing Chihuahua”—and also the world’s most chill Chihuahua. You’ll be laughing so hard you’ll miss half the jokes, so see it twice!

The infamous Carrot Top is still playing in Vegas

Carrot Top describes himself as a culmination of George Carlin, Steven Wright and Gallagher. Photo Credit

Carrot Top

He may look a little kooky, but there’s a reason the flame-fro’ed Carrot Top has been one of the top entertainers in Vegas for almost 15 years.

During his show at the Luxor Las Vegas, Scott “Carrot Top” Thompson blends of-the-moment observational humor with prop comedy and a healthy dose of explicit material (no one under 16 will be admitted, and under 18 must be accompanied by an adult).

Carrot Top writes new jokes and revises his show constantly based on current events, so this high-energy show changes frequently—even if you saw him a year ago, it’s probably almost an entirely new show now.

Audiences (and locals) widely agree that this hilarious show is one of the best in Vegas, so don’t miss it!

Jeff Civillico Performs Comedy in Action.

Jeff Civillico Performs Comedy in Action. Kids, don’t try this at home! Via Instagram @jeffcivillico.

Jeff Civillico: Comedy in Action

Most Vegas shows aren’t exactly “family-friendly,” but Jeff Civillico’s show at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel is crowd-pleasing fun for all ages. But parents, be warned: his jaw-dropping physical comedy includes a lot of “kids, don’t try this at home” stunts.

Like juggling chainsaws! Audience participation is a big part of this show, so don’t be shy!

Terry Fator during a performance.

Terry Fator is a comedian, musician, impressionist and ventriloquist. Via Instagram @terryfator.

Terry Fator

The triple-threat comedic singer, celebrity impressionist, and ventriloquist Terry Fator parlayed a win on America’s Got Talent into a long-running, successful Vegas residency at the Mirage.

He keeps his material fresh with new jokes (and new puppets), so there is always something new to see at this mostly family-friendly show (some people think it’s a bit too “adult” for kids, but the venue allows children 5+ so you make your own call).

Nathon Burton, Las Vegas Magic Shows

Nathon Burton is also known for his appearances on America’s Got Talent. Photo Credit:

Nathan Burton Magic Show

Another America’s Got Talent alumn, Nathan Burton’s all-ages show at Planet Hollywood offers an affordable afternoon of clean-humored fun and entertaining illusions.

There is lots of audience participation with the kiddos in the crowd, so if you’ve got a little extrovert in tow get seats near the aisle and show lots of enthusiasm!

Absinthe, one of Vegas' more adult-themed magic shows.

Absinthe will have you rolling in the aisles. Photo Credit:


Welcome to the Spiegelworld, which is sort of like the real world except way, wayyyyyyy raunchier, and the people are much bendier. When Absinthe debuted in 2011, it redefined “Vegas hit show,” bringing bawdy vaudeville and burlesque to the Big Top in front of  Caesars Palace.

Spiegelworld now has a full stable of quirky performers that are shared between Absinthe and its sister show Opium (with more in the works), so the show is likely to change from one performance to another. Either way, it’s always hosted by the skeezy Gazillionaire, and the witty (and VULGAR) repartee between him and his sidekick Wanda will have you ugly-laugh-crying. This is aggressively not family-friendly.

Miss Behave performing in Vegas.

Miss Behave is an interactive game show. Via Instagram @stillmissbehavin.

Miss Behave Game Show

If you’re here for a girl’s weekend or a girl’s night out, then this show at Bally’s Las Vegas is for you! It’s an interactive “game show” (slash variety show slash disco) and you participate with your smartphone.

There is a lot of dancing to cheeky pop music courtesy of “Tiffany,” Miss Behave’s lovely assistant (a skinny, mustachioed, tattooed hipster dude); and bawdy humor from the be-sequined hostess herself.

They are absolutely genius at working the crowd, so if it starts off slow don’t worry—they know what they’re doing. It’s all very low-fi, with “game show” categories written in black marker on cardboard, but it’s a lot of fun with lots of hooting and woo-ing from the audience!

Naked Magicians performing in Vegas.

Naked and doing magic tricks. A must see Vegas show. Via Instagram @nakedmagicians.

The Naked Magicians

This is also not a family-friendly show, but the title really should have given that away. What do you get when you cross Penn & Teller with Thunder from Down Under?

Well, this, obviously!

The Naked Magicians at the MGM Grand are the newest comedy residency on the Strip, but they have already become a fast favorite for their sharp, raunchy humor and R-rated stage antics (although not quite NC-17…they do not go “the fully monty” onstage).

And while there are a lot of jokes, remember that this is a magic show, and the illusions are all the more impressive considering that, well, there’s nowhere to hide anything!

Opium Las Vegas Magic Show

Like Absinthe, Opium is also a variety show, with a little less vulgarity. Via Instagram @opiumlasvegas.


Take all the vulgar, rowdy rambunctiousness of Absinthe and raise it by Buck Rogers-meets-Captain Kirk Star Trek-meets-Futurama-meets-Rocky Horror Picture Show-but-in-space, and you’ve got Opium.

Like Absinthe, it is, at its core, a variety show, and as mentioned earlier, the two shows share many of the same acts.

And yet, somehow, this Speigelworld show at the Cosmopolitan manages to be so much more filthy than its predecessor, and ye gods that is saying a lot. If you’ve got the right sense of humor for it, this show will make you do that thing where you laugh so hard you completely stop making any noise whatsoever for 30 seconds and then come back with a loud, high-pitched “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.”