62 Amazing Free Things to do in Las Vegas

Within this article, we are going to show you a complete list of FREE Things to do in Vegas.

  • Free shows…
  • Free attractions…
  • Along with free must sees for first time visitors to Las Vegas.

So if you are looking to save money in Vegas, check out this list of these things to do for free.

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Not Free, But Still Great Discounts on Things to Do

62 Things to do in Vegas for FREE

1. Bellagio’s Symphony of Fountains

Prepare to be mesmerized by this breathtaking water and light show! Choreographed to a concert of classical, opera, Broadway and pop music, this 15 minute aquatic jaw dropper can be viewed from many locations in the Bellagio, or right from the Strip sidewalk.

This is probably the most popular free things to do in Las Vegas.

Cheap attractions in vegas

2. See Multiple Shows and Attractions

If you are interested in seeing more than one show and visiting several attractions, you may as well get a Go Las Vegas Explorer Card.

You are basically getting “free” shows and attractions in addition to the ones you are already paying for.

Get The Go Las Vegas Card

Free things to do in Las Vegas

Mirage Volcano, by Lee Bennett: https://www.flickr.com/photos/leebennett/8475415739

3. See Exploding Fireballs from the Mirage Volcano

Feel your heart pound as this Vegas volcano begins to rumble, and escalating to explosions of fire spray and steam. Set to a soundtrack of The Grateful Dead’s Mickey Hart and Indian tabla star Zakir Hussain, Mirage’s Volcano erupts nightly at the entrance of the casino, Sunday-Thursday 8PM & 9PM, Friday-Sunday 8PM, 9PM, and 10PM.

4. Fun by Foot Through Connected Casinos

Stroll seamlessly from one casino to another via connecting sidewalk entrances found along the Strip, the best way to visit multiple must see old and new Vegas casinos all in one day! Be sure to take advantage of pedestrian crosswalks and bridges for safe and fast crossing over large intersections.

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5. Step Back In Time With A Vintage Vegas Sign Photo Op

The iconic Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign with its historic Americana design is definitely worth a photo op! Located on the south end of Las Vegas Boulevard, stop there on your way into town and start making memories. (A small free lot available if it’s too busy to simply pull over.)

free shows in las vegas

Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian

6. Visit Venice Right In Vegas

The Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian have turned strolling and shopping into an exquisite tour through the Venice Canals. Cross the bridges, stop at a water front café, watch the Gondolas, eat gelato on the piazza, and enjoy the roaming opera singers and performance artists. Just know the same rule applies to the real Venice canals—don’t jump in!

Bellagio Conservatory things to see in vegas

Chinese New Year display at the Bellagio Conservatory via Instagram @bellagio

7. Beauty and Blooms at Bellagio Conservatory

This breathtaking 14,000 square foot garden is designed and themed throughout the year according to season and holiday. Located in the lobby of the Bellagio hotel, lose yourself in the peaceful atmosphere and wondrous beauty of this free botanical dreamscape.

8. “M” stands for “Mmmmm” at M&M World

M&M World is 4 story chocolate paradise! Located on the south end of the Strip, each floor offers sweet and wonderful themes and activities—from personalizing your own candy to browsing M&M World collectibles and merchandise. If you’re a chocolate lover or Americana aficionado, don’t miss this scrumptious retail-entertainment attraction.

9. Countless Kisses at Hershey’s Chocolate World


Kiss me, you fool…with Hershey’s kisses, of course! Located next to New York New York Hotel & Casino, Hershey’s World is a delicious retail experience that offers over 800 types of Hershey’s chocolates and candies. If you have a sweet tooth and appreciation for historic American chocolatiers, this 2 story flagship store is a must see.

10. Escape to the Exotic at Flamingo’s Wildlife Habitat

Go wild in Vegas! The Wildlife Habitat at Flamingo is 15 acres of lush foliage, islands, streams and waterfalls and home to exotic birds, fish, and turtles. Open to the public daily, this wildlife oasis is a wonderful place to escape from the buzzing Strip and get up close and personal with what’s really wild in Vegas!

Fall of Atlantis at the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace

Fall of Atlantis at the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace

11. Hail Caesar! Atlantis Fountain Show at Forum Shops

At the Forum Shops adjoining Caesars Palace, watch 9ft marble statues come to life and recount the legendary fall of Atlantis. Booming sound effects with water and fire elements, this animated fountain show is perfect for kids and adults alike.

12. Fremont Street Experience

Don’t miss the unique and fun off Strip Fremont Experience. Lined with street vendors, artists, musicians, and cuisine, stroll Fremont Street and “trip out” from its psychedelic electric sky music and light show. Definitely, a night to remember!

13. Hike Your Rocks Off At Red Rock Canyon

Enjoy the natural beauty and wonder of Red Rock Canyon on one if its 19 marked trails with varying degrees of difficulty. If you love to hike, don’t miss out on the incredible desert colors and panoramic views unique to Southern Nevada and only a 1/2 hour from the Strip.

big elvis14. Big Elvis a Harrah’s Piano Bar

There are Elvis impersonators, and then there’s BIG ELVIS. This top notch Elvis entertainer is truly one of the best of all time. This act is the longest running Elvis tribute show in Las Vegas and still completely free.

15. Flair Up at Flair Bars Around Las Vegas

Flair Bartending, the art of flashy bartending, entertains patrons by juggling bottles and performing other theatrics while mixing delicious cocktails. There are numerous flair bars on and off the Strip and well worth getting a gander of all that flash!

Aquarium at the Silverton

16. Fishy and Fabulous Aquarium at the Silverton

This massive aquarium holds 117,000 gallons of water and is home to thousands of tropical fish. Don’t miss the beautiful live mermaids interacting with guests as you gaze at this wondrous water attraction…in the middle of the desert! You may also catch divers feeding the stingrays while a guide outside the tank can take questions.

17. High Flying Circus Acts at Circus Circus

Enjoy these amazing circus performers as they fly through the air with the greatest of ease! Be awed by these acts performed daily at the Carnival Midway Arcade. You can see the schedule of acts here.

Ethel M Chocolate Factory18. Decadence in the Desert at Ethel M Chocolate Factory

Just outside Las Vegas, in Henderson Nevada, Ethel M Chocolate Factory and Cactus Garden are open to the public for free self guided tours of the making of their world class chocolates. Expand your knowledge and indulge your sweet tooth in the world of candy crafting.

19. Be a TV Critic at CBS Television City Research Center

Located inside the MGM Grand Hotel Casino, be a part of the CBS decision making process by viewing and rating pilots and shows needing input. View screenings in one of six private studios, then register your opinions! Just pick up your free tickets either in front of the research center or at the entrance to the parking garage. You can also peruse merchandise from your favorite TV shows and networks.

20. Sunset Stampede at Sam’s Town

Sam’s Town

Located inside the off strip hotel, Sam’s Town, take a walk through the deep woods of Mystic Falls Park. This enchanted atrium comes alive with animatronic animals and babbling brooks. Be sure to catch the free daily Sunset Stampede laser light and fountain show as you dream of days gone by.

21. Art Lover’s Paradise at the Cosmopolitan’s

Walk through The Cosmopolitan and experience a wide range of provocative and interactive artwork, all striving to bring accessibility and appreciation of the arts to all guests visiting the hotel.

22. Be A Pinball Wizard at Pinball Hall of Fame

Pinball Hall of Fame

Pinball HOF by Dan Tentler: https://www.flickr.com/photos/vissago/3192849758/

On East Tropicana, just a few miles from the Strip, this pinball museum serves as a salute to vintage arcades and the nostalgia evoked by these classic machines. This non profit organization charges no cover, only a fee to play each machine, from .25- $1. The largest collection of pinball machines in the world, experience the bumpers, buzzers, flippers and lights, just be careful not to “tilt!”

23. Non Stop Fun at Harrah’s Piano Bar

Located next to the casino exit, check out this fun filled venue where you can choose from dueling pianos, interactive shows, and Karaoke. While there’s no cover charge, there is a two drink minimum, so liquid courage may instigate a trip up to the mic!

24. Drift Away at the Wynn’s Lake of Dreams Show

Wynn’s Lake of Dreams

More than dreamy, Lake of Dreams, dazzles with lights, holographics and puppetry, accompanied by a transcending soundtrack, creating a truly divine show experience. Gaze at the lake’s 40 foot waterfall and pine topped mountain and enjoy these nightly spectacles from multiple locations around the hotel.

25. A Mighty Fine Time at CityCenter’s Fine Art Collection

Strewn throughout CityCenter are myriad works of art…from grand installations to sculptures and paintings. This abounding collection of art makes the CityCenter a must see for any art enthusiast.

26. Visit Popeye The Sailor Man sculpture At The Wynn Before He Sails Away!

This 2000lb sculpture of the beloved Popeye (only 3 like it in the world) is scheduled to find a new home in Wynn’s new resort opening in Everett, Mass late 2017. Under 24/7 security, this masterpiece stands tall in the Wynn shopping Esplanade, and has received an offer for purchase of $60 million, that Mr. Wynn rejected.

27. Make TV a Reality At The Gold and Silver Pawnshop from TV’s Pawn Stars

On the south end of the Strip, visit this legendary pawnshop and spend time enjoying in person everything you love about the Pawn Stars! The history, the personalities, the drama, maybe even pawn or buy a thing or two, check out this Las Vegas landmark and experience TV history in the making.

28. A Photo Worth a Million Bucks at Binion’s

Free things to see in vegas

Binion’s photo by Luis Villa del Campo: https://www.flickr.com/photos/maguisso/6102110091/

You can dream of a million in cool cash, but seeing it stacked up in person is a reality you have to keep for the records. Take this free photo op at Vegas’s iconic Binion’s in Downtown Las Vegas.

29. Breathtaking Views of Hoover Dam and ByPass Bridge

Hoover Dam photo by Merton Wilton: https://www.flickr.com/photos/97238650@N08/11037484014/

Hoover Dam photo by Merton Wilton: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/11037484014/

Hoover Dam, a Man Made Wonder of the World, and its accompanying By Pass Bridge (The Mike O’Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge) are must sees during your Vegas trip! These breathtaking architectural marvels are free to visit and just a 1/2 hour from the Strip. Guided tours of the dam and powerplant do require ticket purchase.

30. Wine Lounge Thursday – Rock ‘N Roll Wine

Part wine tasting, part rock concert, at Wine Lounge Thursdays you can rock out while enjoying free wine tastings at rotating locations around Vegas. Check their schedule because venues change weekly rockandrollwine.com

31. The Wonderful Whiskey Experience at VomFASS

VomFASS’s Whiskey Experience in the Venetian Grand Canal Shoppes is an informal whiskey class where you sample these golden nectars while learning about the origins of whiskeys from America, Ireland, and Scotland. No need for reservations, just show up! Nightly classes at 7pm.

32. Carnaval Court at Harrah’s

This outdoor party experience heats up while the sun’s still out! Enjoy the sights and sounds, complete with live entertainment and eccentric bartenders, Carnaval Court gives you the thrill of a street festival right off the Strip.

33. Experience The “STREETMOSPHERE” Of Grand Canal Shoppes At The Venetian

free attractions in vegas

While browsing the Grand Canal Shoppes, you’ll be charmed and impressed by its unique and vibrant atmosphere. A rotating roster of classically trained singers, actors and musicians perform daily at St. Mark’s Square, embellishing your shopping experience while transporting you to the sights and sounds of medieval Venice. There are approximately 30 small performances daily, so you’re sure to enjoy the “Streetmosphere” of this incredible show.

34. There’s Gold In That Thar Casino!

The iconic Golden Nugget Casino is home to The Hand Of Faith, the largest gold nugget in existence! On public display in the casino, this impressive 60 pound chunk of gold gives visitors a veritable “gold rush,” just by looking at it.

35. Get Your Rock On At The Hard Rock Hotel

hard rock vegas

Hard Rock Vegas photo by Thomas Hawk: https://www.flickr.com/photos/thomashawk/6119799057

Just four blocks from the Strip, the Hard Rock Hotel is jam packed with rock-and-roll art and memorabilia from pretty much every band and music artist imaginable! Air jam to the classics, browse the countless music vignettes and party like a rock star to the endless and awesome music streaming throughout the hotel—truly a music lover’s paradise.

36. Thank God It’s First Friday In The Arts District

Every first Friday of the month, enjoy the Downtown Art District block party featuring live music, visual and performing arts, street vendors, and a guaranteed festive time!

37. Wet And Wild At The Miracle Mile Shops Fountain And Harbor

Located in Planet Hollywood, water lovers will go wild over these wonderful water features. At the heart of Miracle Mile Shops, the fountain features a dramatic water and light show set to an original soundtrack and broadcast in surround sound. Want more water in the desert?

Watch this amazing indoor rainstorm at the harbor, featuring thunder, lightning, fog and pouring rain.

38. International Sights and Sounds at Grand Bazaar Shops

free las vegas

Grand Bazaar Shops via http://grandbazaarshops.com

At the corner of the Strip and Flamingo, Grand Bazaar Shops captures the essence of the world’s greatest open air markets. While browsing local and world renowned shops and dining options, enjoy the sparkling light and sound spectacle, showing nightly at 9PM and midnight.

39. Fun And Free Events At The District at Green Valley Ranch

This beautiful open air plaza of shops, grocery and dining venues, spa, athletic store, etc. also sets the stage for many fun shows and events. May is Outdoor Movie Night, so bring a blanket and enjoy this free film under the stars. Check their event calendar.

40. Hot, Hot, Hot At Hoover Dam Hot Springs

hot springs hoover dam

Not for the light hearted hiker, explore the multiple wondrous hot springs around the Hoover Dam area. These are bonafide hikes, and not permitted during the heat of the summer due to high risk of heat exhaustion.

41. Fly Through History At McCarran Airport’s Howard W. Cannon Aviation Museum

When you arrive at McCarran, or before your depart, take the time to immerse yourself in the history of commercial and general aviation of southern Nevada. Learn about the first flight in 1920 through the introduction of jets. The Museum’s main exhibits are located above baggage claim with additional exhibits in ticketing at gates A-D, as well as other terminals.

42. Get Schooled At Barrick Museum & Las Vegas Art Museum @ UNLV Campus

Just a few mile from the Strip, The Marjorie Barrick Museum and The Las Vegas Art Museum, in partnership with College of Fine Arts, have created a most impressive collection of art. With multiple galleries, these museums offer exhibitions, collections, and dynamic programs. You can also stroll about and view art around campus. Check the UNLV master calendar for a list of exciting programs. Entry is free with a suggested donation.

43. Get Blown Away by Bonnie & Clyde’s Death Car Exhibit at Primm Valley Resort

40 miles south of Vegas, get up close and personal with one of history’s most notorious crime couples. See their death car and personal effects, riddled with bullets, and learn about the dastardly deeds that led to one of this nation’s largest manhunts.

44. Tour The Banger Brewery In Downtown Las Vegas

Banger Brewing

Attention brewmasters and beer lovers! Right on Fremont Street, learn and see how craft beers are brewed in this fine local brewery. Sign up ASAP for a free guided tour, tour groups are small and book up quickly.

45. See 100 Murals Celebrating Vegas’s 100 Year History

Do you love art? Then challenge yourself to see how many of the 100+ murals you can visit during your stay in Vegas. Peppering all of the Las Vegas area, these murals vary in medium, shape, size and texture. Many are themed to convey the town’s history and culture. For a general list of Vegas murals and graffiti art check out this article.

art gallery46. See The Artistic Beauty of the Human Form At Bellagio’s Cirque du Soleil Art Gallery

An impressive 50 plus bronze sculptures, as well as original drawings, serigraphs and lithographs featuring performance artists, are permanently on display and for sale in the “O” Theatre lobby at Bellagio. This lobby is a bona fide gallery that can be enjoyed by theatergoers and hotel visitors alike.

47. Kick Up Your Heels At Toby Keith’s Bar & Grill at Harrah’s

If down home southern cooking and country music put the bounce in your giddy up, then head on down to Toby Keith’s. Free, live country music played nightly starting at 9 p.m. and a free domestic tap beer after purchasing a “You’re my friend” cup in the Toby Keith’s retail store.

48. Colorful & Captivating Coral Reef Aquarium At Mirage

It’s hard to imagine the makings of a coral reef in the middle of the desert. Yet at the Mirage, behind the front desk, are all the makings of a thriving coral reef, there for your viewing pleasure. A 20,000 bgallon saltwater aquarium stocked with angelfish, pufferfish, tangs and several other exotic sea creatures, most notably three different types of sharks.

49. Look Up In Awe At The Venetian

Venetian Vegas, Photo by Mario Antonio Pena Zapatería: https://www.flickr.com/photos/oneras/4655350253/

Venetian Vegas, Photo by Mario Antonio Pena Zapatería: https://www.flickr.com/photos/oneras/4655350253/

Between the registration lobby and casino, the arched ceiling in the Venetian, would make Michael Angelo blush with pride. Reminiscent of the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican, this hand painted masterpiece is something to behold!

50. MOO For More At Anderson Dairy

Enjoy hometown dairy in Las Vegas, since 1907! Tour this historic dairy producer, just minutes from the Strip. Ideal for kids, but interesting to all ages, Anderson Dairy has created an educational and interactive free guided tour. Go back through dairy time when Harry Anderson and his small heard of 10 cows produced milk for this tiny railroad town, to the now 37,000 square foot processing and bottling plant. Check their website for tour times or call for “by appointment.”

51. Get Your Garden On At Acacia Demonstration Gardens

In Henderson, Nevada (about 13 miles from Vegas), The Acacia Demonstration Gardens are living proof that water-conserving desert landscaping can be lush and wonderful! Nineteen specific gardens sprawl over 2.8 acres with informational displays and workshops available to visitors. Check their website for workshops schedules.

52. Get Fresh and Fabulous At These Farmer’s Markets

Bruce Trent Park Farmers Market (on North Rampart Boulevard) and Country Fresh Farmers Market in Henderson (13 miles from Vegas) are open air market that feature produce, foods and crafts that are locally grown, baked, and crafted. Friendly folks greet you as you browse their goods. A fun day for all!

53. Pro Tips At Bass Pro Shops At Silverton Hotel & Casino

bass pro vegas

Hunting, fishing, boating, questions? Bass Pro Shops has the answers! Check out one of their many “Outdoor World” seminars and demonstrations. Visit their website or Facebook page for the schedule of events. Or just go and enjoy their fish filled river, aquarium and wildlife vignettes. It’s like stepping off the Strip into a whole different kind of wild!

54. Choo Choo! Tunnel Trail Hikes At Hoover Dam

Blasted through the hills to transport materials during the building of Hoover Dam, these massive railroad tunnels are a hikers paradise, as they wind through a series of long dark passages that open up to stunning views of Lake Mead, Boulder Basin, and Fortification Hill.

55. Check Out A Flame Throwing Praying Mantis At Container Park

Downtown Container Park: http://downtowncontainerpark.com/

Downtown Container Park: http://downtowncontainerpark.com/

In Downtown Vegas, Container Park greets you with a giant fire breathing insect sculpture! A shopping center and park, as its name describes, the stores are s are created by adjoining and stack shipping containers turned building units! It’s really quite genius, eco-friendly, and a very cool place to visit.

56. Mermaid’s Gone Wild at the Silverton Hotel & Casino

Visit Mermaid Cove at the Silverton and enjoy dozens of dreamy mermaid paintings in this mini art gallery. A public viewing area near an impressive 117,000 gallon aquarium, Mermaid Cove artwork is for sale, just in case you get “hooked” in by one of those seductive sirens.

57. Appreciate the Neo-Classical Architecture of the Historic Las Vegas Post Office and Court House in Downtown

Hey history and architecture buffs…yeah I’m talking to you! This building may now be home to the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement (a.k.a. Mob Museum), but still serves as a stunning example of an original neo-classical building erected between 1931 and 1933. It is listed on the United States National Register of Historic Places.

58. Zoom Around The Shelby Museum & Showroom

Photo via shelby.com

Photo via shelby.com

Car enthusiast and American auto buffs will flip their hardtops over this impressive and legendary collection of performance vehicles and memorabilia. The Heritage Center at Shelby America offers free guided tours Monday thru Saturday, no reservations required.

59. Feel The Heat Of A Hot Hand

You’ve seen it in movies when a player is on a winning streak and a crowd gathers to witness gambling greatness. When you’re on a casino floor and begin to here cheering, rush on over to watch a huge win first hand, “winning” hand, that is!

60. Beam Me Up The Luxor’s Sky Beam!

As if the Great Sphinx of Giza and a 111meter high pyramid on the Strip weren’t enough, the Luxor Sky Beam at 42.3 billion candelas, is the strongest beam of light in the world! A must see…and hard to miss!

what to see in vegas

Luxor Las Vegas via Curtis & Renee: https://www.flickr.com/photos/crdunn/11042701743

61. Walk Like and Egyptian At The Luxor Hotel & Casino

The pyramidal profile of the Luxor is a hell of a lot more than a Vegas “themed” hotel. Not only is the structure equal in size to two of the larger pyramids in Egypt, it’s modern interior design, high Green Key Eco rating, and 4000+ room capacity makes it one of the most unique and 8th largest hotel in the world. Go back in time to c. 2500 BC on the south end of the Strip!

62. See Paris In Vegas

paris hotel

The replica Eiffel Tower at Paris Hotel captures a certain je ne sais quoi, right on the Vegas Strip. Romance and intrigue await visitors that view this iconic landmark. While there is a fee to ascend this magnificent structure, gazing up at 50 stories of elegance and grace from street level is enchanting, especially at night when it’s lit from tip to footings.

Free Things to do in Las Vegas – Final Thoughts

Now that you know all of the great and things to do in Vegas for free, think about how you can spend that extra money you’ll be saving on free outings!
Why not splurge on jewelry for your sweetheart, indulge at a 5-star restaurant, or bet big on a mega slot pull?

Whatever you choose, make it a Vegas moment worth remembering!


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    • Check out the Skyfall lounge in the Delano, free to enter and has a great bar with views over the strip, Only open in the evening and worth a visit.

    • In regards to “FREE” BE AWARE ONLY 9 casinos let you park free. We parked at the listed free parking casinos and walked to our destinations. Have Fun

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  4. There is NO timeshare presentation at 4 Queens or Binions Slot Pull.

    There is other free slots at souvenir shops on Freemont which do require timeshare presentations.

    My brother won the 50$ free slot at Binions last year.

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