80 Awesome Ways to Save Money in Las Vegas

If you want to save money in Vegas, you will enjoy this guide.

Below are 80 tips and tricks you can use to maximize your budget in Vegas.

Remember planning in advance goes a long way…

I want to save money in Vegas on:

save money in las vegas

Save Money on Vegas Flights

Save Money On Las Vegas Flights

You’ll probably spend the most time planning your flight. You’ll want to weigh all your options carefully and take things into consideration such as parking rates, flight times, stops and layovers, seating, and fees when determining the cost of your flight.

Many airlines have different rules regarding carry-on and checked luggage pricing, so you will want to compare those rates and use these tips to save the most money.

1. Pack light

How much time are you really going to be spending in your hotel room?

Most of the time you are in Vegas, you will be up and moving, so ditch the five pairs of shoes, formal evening attire, and an extra suitcase for souvenirs.

Take a personal item like a purse that can be stowed under the seat, and a carry-on with a few outfits. Also, remember that there are convenience stores on the Strip and most hotels have travel shops where you can purchase toiletries after you land. 

Tip:  Save on baggage fees by taking only a carry-on&

2. Book a flight and hotel vacation package

Bundling flight and hotel options can often save you money. Southwest vacations, Orbitz, Expedia, and Vegas.com all offer discounts when booking flight and hotel transportation together. Be sure to compare prices separately to see if you are getting a good deal or not.

3. Start Using a Rewards Credit Card in Advance

You can easily pay for your Vegas flight by using points.

There are many co-branded credit cards like United and Southwest in which you can earn miles for every purchase with your card. With cards like Chase Sapphire and American Express, you can transfer points to miles with a good amount of airline partners.

There even credit cards that offer up to 50,000-100,000 points just by signing up and meeting a minimum spend in the first 3 months.

Just with the signup bonus alone, you can buy a couple of round-trip tickets from most places within the US.  

Best to to fly - save money in vegas

2021 CheapAir Study Infographic

4. Fly at Non-Peak Times

Flying during the week is always cheaper than on the weekends. Also, the prime times to go to Vegas for a cheap flight are July, August and Mid-December.

Also, booking red-eye flights or other very early or late flights will save you a lot of money as well.

5.  Avoid Booking Last Minute Flights

Do not wait for last-minute flights. 

Book on a Tuesday and between 21-95 days in advance, according to a 2021 Cheap Air Study.  

You should also clear your browser cookies before you search because your internet history will affect your search results for the lowest-priced flights.

save money on hotels

Save Money on Hotels in Vegas

When you think of Las Vegas, some of the visuals that probably come to mind are the iconic hotels such as The Bellagio, The Venetian, Caesar’s Palace, and Wynn.

Although Vegas hotels tend to be cheaper than other big cities, they can still cost several hundred dollars per night.  Luckily, there are many ways to save money on your hotel and still enjoy the luxury that Vegas has to offer.

Mirage hotel

Mirage hotel and resort in Las Vegas

7. Book with the Hotel Directly

Booking with the hotel directly is usually better than using a third party booking site that often adds extra fees.

Booking directly offers the best rate guarantee, so even if you find a room at a lower price elsewhere, you can match this price and also add up to another 25% off in some cases.

Another advantage of booking directly is you can cancel all the way up to a few days without losing any money.

Book MGM Resorts Directly

Book Caesars Resorts Directly

Be sure to look out for vegas hotel discounts when booking directly to save you even more money or get a special bonus like resort credit or room upgrades.

8. Stay Mid-week and Avoid Holidays

Checking in on a Monday through Wednesday is always the cheapest option. Thursday and Friday get more expensive and Saturday is the worst for las vegas hotel rates.

Holiday weekends should also be avoided as hotels often escalate prices up to 2-3 times the normal prices.

Hotel prices for weekends like March Madness or The Super Bowl are as much as $1000 a night at the top properties.

9. Sign up for Player’s Cards and Hotel Newsletters

There are loyalty programs for all the casinos in Las Vegas, and outside of Vegas too! Most hotels even offer newsletters to signup for that often save you 10% on rooms.

Join programs in advance and you may start receiving offers before you visit Vegas.

The biggest advantage of joining these programs is AFTER you stay and play at the casino (using your player’s card). You will start receiving offers almost immediately following your stay, even if you gambled very little at that particular casino.

You can signup for these rewards programs below:

Rio is an Off the Strip hotel in Las Vegas

Rio is an Off the Strip hotel in Las Vegas

10. Stay off Strip or Downtown

Stay at places like The Rio, Palms, and The Signature MGM Grand for a hotel cheaper than the ones directly on the Strip. The great thing about these hotels is that you can still walk to the Strip.

Downtown Vegas hotels are also less expensive than the Strip hotels and there are buses that run between the Strip and Freemont Street every 30 minutes.

Related: Things to do in Downtown Las Vegas
Plaza hotel downtown Las Vegas

Plaza hotel Downtown Las Vegas

Everything is cheaper downtown (food, drinks, gambling…), so if you really want to save on your trip, stay downtown.

11. Ask for Free Upgrades

Ask the hotel reservation clerk when you check-in if there are any free room upgrades available. You may be surprised at how many hotels will give you a free upgrade if it’s your first time in Vegas, you are celebrating something special, or even simply because you are nice.

It does not hurt to ask..

Asking for free upgrades may be just as effective as the $20 front desk tip trick and sometimes they might offer an expensive suite at a very low upgrade cost as an alternative.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

12. Use hotel reward points when booking your room

Did you know that most Vegas hotels can be booked using loyalty points from several different hotel brands?

Marriott Rewards: Caesars Resorts

Hyatt: All MGM Resort Properties

IHG:  Venetian and Palazzo

Overall none of these options offers great redemption value, but if you have points to burn or are staying on an expensive weekend it may be worth it. 

13. Ask to Have Your Resort Fee Waived

These sneaky little daily fees aren’t so little after all and can amount to more than $100 in extra room charges. Resort fees are the convenience fees that the hotel charges to use the Wi-Fi, business center, swimming pool, and other amenities.

Even if you don’t use them, you are charged, so be sure to stay updated on the latest Vegas resort fees so you won’t be surprised by the total at checkout.

You may be able to get these fees waived based on your casino play.

Visit the casino host or casino rewards desk before you check out and ask for any comps or for them to waive your resort free. This trick might work for those who use their player’s card while doing plenty of gambling in that hotel’s casino.

Tip: Stay at hotels that do not have resort fees.

14. Don’t Use Your Debit Cards

Never use your debit card to book a hotel room. The room deposit and other fees will be held on your debit card and will significantly impact your immediate available funds, just in case you need quick access to cash.

Las Vegas CES 2022 - save on travel dates

15.  Avoid Traveling During Popular Conventions

Try avoiding dates that coincide with popular conventions like CES, which has upwards of 175,000 attendees. 

View the entire conversion calendar here.

16.  Save as AAA Member

Most Vegas hotels offer AAA discounts which you can save up to 10-25%.  

MGM resorts AAA discount

17. Save as a Student, Teacher, First Responder, and Local

Save up to 10%-30% plus at different resorts throughout Las Vegas.  Discounts for Military, First Responders, Students & Teachers, use the ID.me feature to verify yourself during checkout for discount.

Check out the current Las Vegas Military Discounts.  

18. Get hotel Discounts as a Military Member or Veteran

Several hotels offer discounts to the military.

19. Book Multiple Rooms Instead of a Suite for Groups

Booking a suite rarely saves you money over booking additional standard rooms and suites rarely offer more than two beds anyway.

Tip: Request connecting rooms as an alternative.
Tip: Cheap Suites on the Strip

20. Confirm Your Reservation Before Your Trip

Double-check with your hotel before you get there to make sure they have your reservation with the proper room.  This will help you avoid any delays and unexpected costs when you get there.

21. Compare Rates

Although booking directly is your best bet, be sure to compare prices on sites like Hotels.com, Tripadvisor, and Vegas.com.  Sometimes third-party sites offer special incentives that are better than booking directly.

22. Bid on a Hotel or Buy a Hidden Hotel Room

If you are flexible and do not care specifically what hotel you stay at you might look at bidding on a hotel on Priceline or booking a hidden hotel on Hotwire.

You can often get hotels for up to a 50% discount.

Websites like Better Bidding will help you narrow down the possible hotel and perhaps identify the exact one you will likely get.

23.  Keep checking prices after booking

Just because you already booked does not mean the price might not go down.  If you booked a refundable deal check weekly, up until a week before your trip, to see if the price has come down or if there are new promotions that might offer a better price.

save money on vegas drinks and nightlife

Save Money on Drinks and Nightlife

It’s safe to say folks going to Las Vegas plan on consuming an alcoholic beverage or two (or twenty!).  Many eager young people will wait in line for hours to get into the hottest clubs, bars, even restaurants in Las Vegas.

Bar and club cover compounded with expensive cocktails prices, especially at restaurants, a night’s bar tab can be astronomical! Here’s an in-the-know list of how you can indulge in Sin City nightlife without breaking the bank.

onmia vegas

Omnia is one of the most popular nightclubs in Las Vegas

24. Drink for Free – Sort Of

If you gamble in Las Vegas, and have a lot of patience, you can drink for free at the casinos. Cocktail waitresses will bring free drinks for people sitting at tables or slot machines. It is customary to tip the waitress $1-$5 per drink, no matter how long she takes to bring the drink back.

Tip: If you are going to be staying in the same place for a while, and getting several drinks, you might want to tip bigger the first time, at least $5-$10. Sometimes you will receive quicker service.

25. Buy Drinks at Convenience or Grocery Stores

CVS, Walgreens, and many other convenience stores on and near the Strip sell alcohol by the case, bottle, or can. Since you are in Vegas, no one is going to bat an eye if you are carrying a 24-ounce beer as you walk down the strip.

You can also walk into any casino or hotel with a drink already in your hand.

Tip: Stop and pick up some drinks on your way to the hotel from the airport.

26. Brag About Your Special Day

The same tricks that work in your hometown bar, work in Sin City. Don’t be shy about telling people you are celebrating your birthday, bachelorette party, just divorced party, or whatever other occasion brings you to Vegas.

You might get free drinks from some bartenders and bar patrons as well.

27. Book a club tour

If you are interested in visiting multiple bars or clubs you might want to invest in a club tour and save some money overall.

There are many great options on Groupon.

28. Use the Power of Women

If you are a guy, you are going to have a much longer wait in line than if you are a woman. If you aren’t too weird or creepy, try mingling with a group of girls. At most popular clubs, having at least a 2:1 girl-to-guy ratio will improve your chances of getting closer to the front of the line.

29. Pregame before going to the clubs

One of the best ways to save money on drinks in Vegas is to pregame in your room before going out. Drinks at bars and clubs can average $20 a drink, so limiting the number of drinks while you’re out will really add up in savings.

30. Walk through hotels and get free club passes

Take the free pass they are handing you. Depending on what pass they are giving out, you could get in free, get to skip the line, or get a free drink.

31. Invest in Bottle Service for your group?

Bottle service is expensive and so are the drinks at the clubs, but sometimes getting bottle service might be cheaper and make things more enjoyable overall.

See our guide to vegas bottle service.

save money on clubs in vegas

Drais nightclub and day club in Vegas

32. Join a Guestlist

Many clubs have guest-lists (primarily for women), giving you access to separate club entry and avoid a cover charge. Get in touch with a club host on one of the club websites and get put on a guest list.

Many clubs have guestlist (primarily for women), in which you can enter the club in a separate entrance and avoid cover.

33.  Get Free club Entry for Staying at the Hotel

When booking your Vegas hotel reservation or at check-in, ask if they can offer you any nightclub passes. You can also ask your hotel concierge to make a club reservation for you, ask what the reservation will provide.

Marquee at Cosmopolitan has been known to have a separate line for hotel guests with faster entry and even waived cover depending on the night.

34.  Gain Free Entrance For Eating At A Partnering Restaurant And Bars

When frequenting the property’s restaurants and bars, chat-up your servers and bartenders about the casino’s nightclub. They may be able to provide you with a stamp or nightclub pass.

Eating at Tao Bistro, for example, will earn you a front-of-the-line pass for the nightclub.

35.  Get Free Transportation to the Strip Club

You can usually get free limo transportation to the strip club when calling ahead.

Spearmint Rhino offers free limo pickup and waived cover when calling them directly. 

36.  Get to the Clubs Early

The earlier you show up at nightclubs the faster you will get in and likely avoid higher cover changes.

Hosts at the door tend to increase cover charges and even increase bottle service minimums later in the night as clubs reach capacity.  Showing up at 10-10:30 rather than after midnight is the best bet.

Some more tips to getting in Vegas clubs

saving money on vegas dining

Saving Money on Restaurants and Dining

If “Free is me!” is a motto near and dear to your heart and belly, Vegas won’t disappoint! There are many dining options in Vegas to get your food-fix on without blowing your budget on micro-sized appetizers and bizarre cocktails.

wynn buffet vegas

Wynn Buffet – One of the many buffets on the Vegas Strip.

37. Seek out Specials

Most people have heard of the killer deals you can get on food in Vegas, like the $11.99 steak and lobster at Tony Roma’s on Fremont, or the infamous Taco El Gordo. It’s very possible to eat in Vegas for less than $20 per day. Most casinos and restaurants have specials that they do not advertise out loud.

38. Eat Like Locals

People who live in Las Vegas can’t all afford to eat tourist-priced meals every day. If you are looking to eat great food on a local budget you need to know where they eat. Check out a copy of the local newspaper, the Review Journal, to discover local hangouts and eateries.

39. Use coupon books

Use coupons from Las Vegas Advisor coupon books

40. Eat some All You Can Eat (AYCE) sushi

Do you enjoy Sushi?

Vegas offers several options on or near the Vegas Strip.  See the AYCE Vegas Sushi list.  

Also read our complete buffet guide to the best las vegas buffets.

41.  Bring your own Coffee or Coffee Maker

If you’re a coffee connoisseur or java junky, a great way to save time and money is to bring your own coffee and coffee maker.

42. Eat at Food Courts

Food courts are fun, fluid, and frugal! Here are five popular and delicious food courts on the Strip:

  • Food Court at the Fashion Show Mall
  • Riviera Mardi Gras Food Court
  • Food Court at the Park MGM Hotel
  • The Village Eateries at New York New York
  • Food Court at the Venetian

43. Skip the Alcohol

Nothing will drive up your dinner check like booze! One beer can be upward of $8, a glass of wine from $12, and cocktails upward of $20.

Before heading out to dinner, pre-party at your room with your adult beverages purchased at the local market or brought from home.

44.  Eat snacks instead of sitting down meals

Planning on skipping one sit-down meal a day. Fend off the urge to stop for a meal by grazing on things like granola, protein bars, and a large protein drink. Stock up on snacks and drinks at one of the ABC, Walgreen, or CVS stores on the Strip.


  • 3758 South Las Vegas Boulevard Las Vegas, NV 89109


  • 3765 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • 3339 LAS VEGAS BLVD S in Las Vegas NV 89109
  • 101 LAS VEGAS BLVD S in Las Vegas NV 89109

ABC Stores

  • Showcase Mall, 3771 S Las Vegas Blvd # 130, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Miracle Mile Shops, 3663 S Las Vegas Blvd #145, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Fashion Show, 3200 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

45. Seek online food and drink discounts

You can find all kinds of food/drink discounts online. Here are some of the top eat/drink deals websites for Vegas: Groupon and Travelzoo.

46.  Make your biggest meal of the day lunch

Splurge at high-end restaurants for lunch instead of dinner. Most will offer a less expensive lunch menu and happy hour drink specials as well!

47. Share a meal

Most things in Vegas push the limits of excess, and so do the dish portions! Plan on sharing one meal for two people. Split appetizers too. You can always order more if you’re still hungry, but over-ordering means wasting food, money, or the unrealistic notion of dealing with a doggie bag.

48.  Hit Happy Hour Dish Specials

In many Vegas bars and restaurants, you can enjoy happy hour drinks AND eats. Fill up on scrumptious dishes while imbibing in your favorite adult beverages at slashed prices. 

49. Skip the Room Service

Ordering room service, even a simple breakfast, will likely disappoint you for a few reasons. Delivery takes longer than you’ll want, food often arrives lukewarm, and fees really add up. The only occasion that would justify the hefty cost for convenience is a massive hangover.

50.  Take Advantage of Graveyard Specials

There are plenty of restaurants in Vegas that offer reverse happy hours and Graveyard specials, usually starting at midnight.

Ellis Island is a good bet for late-night discounts and cheap dining overall.

save on transportation

Save Money on Transportation

Check out the tips below to ease and maximize your transportation savings in and around Las Vegas.

51. Avoid Taxis – Use Lfyt or Uber

Now that transportation networks like Uber and Lyft are available in Vegas, be sure to have these apps set up on your phone to avoid taxi lines and gain easy access around Las Vegas.

52. Take Your Tennis Shoes

The Strip is long, but you will be walking in and out of hotels and attractions where there are plenty of places to rest. Walking the Strip is really not as painful or time-consuming as people think, but do keep in mind walking from one casino to the next is further than it looks.

53. Ride the Monorail

Using the monorail is one of the most convenient ways to get around the strip. The train runs behind the hotels on the strips and has several stops every couple of hotels along the way. 

save money on vegas transportation

Be sure to also check out more las vegas strip maps to get a better idea of how to navigate the strip.

54. Skip the Strip Gas Pumps

If you have your own vehicle, never get gas on the strip.

55. Use Shuttle Service From the Airport

Taking a shuttle from the airport is probably the cheapest way to get to the strip from the airport.

A shuttle from the airport to and from your hotel will be cheaper than a taxi. Your hotel may even offer a shuttle service for free.

bus transportation to fremont street

Deuce transportation in Las Vegas is cheap

56. Ride The Deuce

The Deuce bus runs 24/7 up and down the strip and to Freemont street and back. They can pick you up at bus stops that are along the street.

The price of an unlimited ride ticket for 24 hours is only $8.

57. Take Trams

Many of the hotels offer trams that connect some of the hotels together. This service allows you to stay cool and not have to walk as much. It also helps you get around quickly.

Here are three hotel to hotel trams on the strip:

  • Mandalay Bay – Luxor – Excalibur Tram
  • Park MGM – Aria – Bellagio Tram
  • Mirage – TI (Treasure Island) Tram

58.  Be aware of parking fees

Sadly, a long-loved tradition in Vegas is all but gone–free parking. Parking fees vary from place to place, both self, and valet. Check locations for up-to-date pricing. MGM Grand Resort recently added parking fees to all their Vegas casinos.

59.  If You Have to Taxi – Avoid The Tunnel

If you have to take a Taxi to or from the airport, be sure to tell them to avoid the tunnel which would take more time and money.

save money on vegas shows

See Shows and Attractions Free or Cheap

There is no shortage of attractions and shows to see in Las Vegas. From Blue Man Group, Cirque Du Solei, and Celebrity Headlines like Britney Spears and Cher, to roller coasters, aquariums and art galleries. There is something for everyone to enjoy in this multicultural city!

60. See Free Shows and Attractions

There are tons of free shows and attractions in Las Vegas, in fact, you could stay in Vegas for a week before exploring all the free stuff there is do in Sin City. In fact, there are plenty of Free things to do in Las Vegas!

save money on things to do in vegas

61. Las Vegas Explorer Pass

Choose 3,5, or 7 of these 31 attractions featured on the Explorer Pass for one low price. Each pass is good for 30 days after the first day of use. This program is a great way to see some of the top attractions in Las Vegas.
vegas budget saving tips

62. Tix 4 Tonight

If you’re flexible with your schedule and open for show types, you can buy show tickets on the fly for half price, on the same day at Tix4Tonight.

Locations can be found at:
Casino Royale, Fashion Show Mall, Horsehoe Grand Bazaar

63. Coupons and Groupons

Check out what Groupon has for Las Vegas offers, and frequently check for promos since they can change daily.

Also, there are many coupon codes available online that you can apply toward hotel rooms, show tickets, and more!

see a show in vegas

See a show in Las Vegas

64. Go to Shows at Your Hotel

Most hotels will give preferred pricing and discounts to people staying at the hotel.

65. Sit Through a Timeshare Presentation

If you are really looking for freebies and have plenty of time to kill, sit through one of those timeshare presentations. Just do not get talked into actually buying one…this is not a way to save money in Vegas.

You are going to see people in Vegas usually dressed in black suits and carrying brochures at a designated area of the hotel you are staying at. There are usually some people next to Planet Hollywood and the Miracle Mile Mall that offer free show tickets and such.

Sign up to go on the timeshare tour. They will bus you there, give you a tour for an hour, give you free food and beverages and then try to pressure you into buying a timeshare.

If you stand your ground and tell these salespeople, you just want the free stuff (like most of the others in your group) they will let you take your freebies and be on your way. Rewards range from free hotel stays, free cruises, buffet passes, show tickets and more.

66. 50% off Shows

There are several shows up to 50% off listed here on our Vegas show discounts page.

67. Free Music And Entertainment On Freemont Street

Enjoy free concerts, special events, and roaming street performers as you stroll beneath the largest LED screen canopy in the world! Check out Fremont Street’s schedule of events.

vegas money saving tips

General Money-Saving Tips

Now that you know how to score freebies, save money on food, shows, attractions, transportation, and alcohol, and everything else that goes into planning the ultimate Hangover week, there are a few other general money saving options that you must employ while you are visiting Vegas.

68. Set a Gambling Budget and Stick to it

Don’t go over your budget, and don’t risk more than you can afford to lose.

If you find yourself outspending your budget or feel like you have to keep going, ask the pit bosses or dealers for help in stopping gambling.

Gamble Smart with Free Lessons- Nearly every casino will offer free lessons in the mornings or early afternoons. IF you don’t know how to play craps, the free lesson hour is a great way to learn. Then, when tables open u for the early day play and bets are low, you can jump in and hone your skills for less than during more popular casino hours.

69.  Gamble Early in the Day

Table minimums are usually lower during the day and the week.  Another advantage of gambling in the morning is it is easier to find a seat.

70. Avoid Gambling All Together

Seriously, if you are really concerned about spending money, do not gamble. You may win one time, but you will eventually give it all back.

Instead visit the many shows, attractions, and restaurants Vegas has to offer.

71. Stay in the Center of the Strip and Save

Being in the thick of things in Vegas means having easy access to all the action, glitz and glamour that Sin City has to offer without having to travel far from your hotel and incur transportation expenses.

72. Skip the Spa and Hit the O2 Bar

Throughout the hotels, usually near casino entrances, you will find Oxygen bars. These are great little places where the ladies working there will offer you a back and head massage, let you try out new massage gadgets, hook you up to the O2 bar to wake up and cure hangovers and some even have the water massage machines. This is way cheaper than going to the spa.

73. Shop the Outlets

The busses along the strip will take you to the outlet malls that are situated around Las Vegas. You can shop name brands and designers for a fraction of the cost compared to the Forum Shoppes and other luxury stores on the Strip. Visit the Premium Outlets for the ultimate shopping excursion for less.

74. Tipping Good Scores Perks

Tipping will always make someone a little friendlier. Tip the waiter well then ask about the latest happening on the Strip. These people are locals and know all the good discounts, gossip, and where to score the best freebies. Tipping bouncers and doormen will also get you to the head of the line faster, better tables, and waitresses at the club will frequent your table more often.

75. Do Not Move Items In The Mini Bar

Even if you do not drink or eat one of the many items in your room’s mini bar, it does not mean you will not be charged for it. Most of the mini bars in Vegas have sensors to see if an item has been consumed (moved).

76. Avoid Penny Slots

Penny slots have some of the poorest odds when it comes to slots and they are not really low budget machines. Most of the time you will be playing over $1 per spin.

77.  Avoid Casino ATMs for Cash Withdraws

Casino ATMs machines usually charge high fees, so you are better off using a local bank ATM.

There is a Bank of America ATM at M&m World: 3785 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109 and also one right outside Freemont St.: 300 S 4th St #200, Las Vegas, NV 89101.
my vegas app

78. Play MyVegas and Earn Rewards

MyVegas is a Facebook game presented by MLife, the rewards program for MGM Resorts. As you play myVEGAS, you’ll earn valuable rewards from: ARIA, Bellagio, MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay, The Mirage, Park MGM, New York-New York, Luxor, Excalibur, and Circus Circus. The more you play, the more you gain access to exclusive perks and insider access. Find out how to play, earn, and redeem points with myVegas.

79. Always Use Your Player’s Card While Gambling

Players earn comps based on gameplay at tables or any slot machine. Hand your player’s card to the dealer at table games and be sure to insert your card in the slot machine while playing.

80.  Know the Casino Rules

There is no faster way to lose money than playing a casino game incorrectly.  Most casinos have free daily lessons, so check with your casino.

Visiting Las Vegas on a budget is going to be a different experience than when money is no object, but following these money saving tips and tricks will let you indulge as if you’re part of that elite crowd. Becoming Vegas savvy will also make planning your next Vegas trip quicker and easier. Remember, the more you visit Vegas, the more you’ll learn and earn, making future stays even cheaper!

Now you’re ready to start planning your Sin City adventure, and take advantage of all the city has to offer, for less!

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  1. This website covers about everything. You’ll spend too much money in Vegas if you don’t know how to plan it. CVS is a total Hail Mary. My girlfriend has lived in Vegas about 20 years, and when we go, we invite them to show them the ropes. Bring your own water, coffee, snacks for down time. Please do the Caesar’s Palace Bachannal buffet from Groupon. Spend the money because it’s worth it. Some people say you can just buy it for the same price. But people around us have asked, “How are you getting the attention they are giving you?” Seriously, you get THE best tables, complete VIP treatment. When you have someone with a motorized wheelchair, definitely use the monorail. If you go to the pools, expect to be patted down. You can’t even bring your own water to the pools because they want you to spend, spend, spend, at least all the Caesar properties — Flamingo, Balley’s, Paris, Harrah’s, Planet Hollywood, et cetera.

    If I were going to Vegas for a weekend or short trip Here’s what I’d do:
    I’d get there the first day, check in at 4:00, get a Player’s Card, sit at a machine, order a free drink, tip the waitress a dollar per drink or more if I’m playing and winning. Rule 1, don’t spend hardly any money the first night.
    Second day use Groupon for Caesar’s Bachannal Buffet (look at the times and expect to tip and pay Tax.) Walk to the shops at Caeasar’s Palace. Get the downtown bus 24 hour ticket. Walk and experience downtown, take the pictures, Do lunch/dinner at the Heart Attack Cafe. Do the Ziplines downtown. I would spend the late night at the alley between Balley’s and Cromwell back at the strip and do the Big Wheel observation wheel. Lots of action there. Go To Bed ( or gamble. I would.)
    If I were staying on a Sunday, I would book Wynn’s Sunday brunch that overlooks the waterfall. I think we paid about $75 a person, but it had bottomless champagne ( the good stuff) No one even knows about this waterfall on the strip. Food was part order/part buffet all included. Super Nice.
    On another day I would do the Groupon for the Stratosphere dinner dining at The Top of the World restaurant.Make a reservation for a table nest to the window. Every table has a view, but the ones at the windows are better. Don’t do any walking in that area. Even if you don’t partake in cannibus,I would go to a dispensory. We did. Itw was eye opening. We went to one that was close to Stratosphere, I think it was bright green on Las Vegas Boulevard. It was sketchy on the outside, but inside was a complete different story. Okay. So I bought a chocolate bar:)
    There are little gems all around. Off the strip the Orleans has fun slots, Cheap 21, Dollar drinks that are good, and Saturday night concerts that are fun.
    The last two times I’ve been I’ve done foodie tours. One was a foodie tour for Caesar’s. The other one was not fun at all. Another one I did was downtown. We found a restaurant called the Bird Cage. They had to change their name because New York had a patent. We went February 2019. It was another uncovered Gem! Great food, great price, and I ordered a martini with a spicy rim that I had got from the food tour. They totally delivered. We were going to go to The Carson, but everyone already discovered it, and it was packed. We had smoked honey with pork rines on the food tour. We just couldn’t get in.

    The changes in Las Vegas are constant. You could go one month and come back four months later, and everything has changed. Call your hotel and ask: “I’m coming in ‘on these dates,’ how much is it going to cost including fees, parking and anything you can expect.” because I thought I was pretty savy. But they changed the parking and it cost us an extra $10 a day.



  2. The drug stores (CVS and Walgreen’s) on the Strip are expensive! Highest prices I’ve ever seen in a store of that type. To save money (at a loss of convenience) go to the ones on Freemont, or on Las Vegas Boulevard in between Freemont and the Strip (just hop off and on the Deuce).

    Also, the $8 for a 24 hour Deuce pass can be saved on by buying a 24 hour ticket on a cross town bus. I forget the savings, but it is something like $3 or $4 a ticket.

  3. The best way to save money in Vegas is not to go at all, lol. But really if you are going to Vegas, expect to pay more for everything!

    • You are so right cause me and my husband has been to Vegas twice and will be going again in 12 weeks celebrating our Anniversary. But it is expensive but we love it but we paid $36 dollars for 6 tacos and 2 drinks. So be prepared to spend money and besides we always stay a full week in Vegas. From Saturday-Saturday

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