XS Nightclub Dress Code: How to Dress for a Night at XS Las Vegas

Las Vegas nightclubs add an air of excitement to vacations. They often feature the best live entertainment, drinks, and a fun time you’ll never forget. The part that’s often confusing for many is what to wear when visiting a Vegas nightclub.

Here, we dive into what to wear to the famous XS Las Vegas club at the Wynn on the Las Vegas Strip.

As a side note, there are more restrictions concerning dress codes for men versus women. We’ve curated a section for each gender as a way to examine the XS dress code.

XS vegas nightclub dress code
Entrance to XS inside the Encore – one of the best clubs in Vegas.

What Clothing Attire Is Not Allowed?

Like many nicer clubs, certain attire is prohibited as part of the XS nightclub dress code. Avoid the items below when planning a night out, as they may get you shooed away at the door.

  • Baggy/torn clothing
  • Athletic attire
  • Shorts
  • Sandals
  • Work boots
  • Hats
  • Cut off shorts
  • Sneakers
  • Sweatpants
  • Jerseys
  • Tank tops
  • Workout wear

Can I Wear Jeans to XS Night Club?

Yes, technically, you can wear jeans to the XS Nightclub. However, it comes with restrictions as too informal of jeans may get you kicked out of the club.

Opt for darker-colored, fitted designer jeans or nice jeans that appear more formal. Avoid any jeans that have rips or that are baggy.

What Clothing Should I Wear to XS?

If you’re unsure what to wear, consider wearing a collard shirt, dress pants, and dress shoes (men) or a classy dress (women).

Remember to avoid overly baggy or ill-fitting clothing along with workout gear.

By selecting a well-put-together, you’re sure to be granted access to the main room dance floor or the ability to upgrade to bottle service.

what to wear at XS las vegas
XS Nightclub is found at Encore

What Should Men Wear to XS Nightclub?

As mentioned, the XS dress code is stricter for men than women. One outfit you can wear that will likely get you through the nightclub door is a button-down shirt with dress shoes and dress pants.

Alternatively, you can wear a sports coat or similar jacket to help dress up the look slightly.

When it comes to nightclub attire in Las Vegas, there’s no such thing as too dressy. If you’re unsure of what to wear, opt for a dressier outfit as you’ll likely fit in with the other nightclub goers.

What Should Women Wear to XS Nightclub?

As for nightclub wear for women who want to get into the XS Nightclub, a dress is always a great option. Choose a cocktail dress or a similar type of dress. It’s best to avoid super formfitting options or more revealing choices when dressing for XS.

On a separate note, you’re not allowed to remove your shoes while at the club, so choosing an option that will be comfortable for the whole night is necessary. Opt for heels that have a lower, thicker heel for a more comfortable night out.

Now that you know the XS dress code, you’re ready to head to the nightclub! This Wynn club is one of the best in Vegas, and it will make your evening even smoother if you keep the above dress code notes in mind.

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