5+ Fun and Exciting Things To Do in Las Vegas

It is an influencer catnip, and it is a Vegas must-see and a great day trip from the Strip.

Drive out to the side of the highway and take that selfie at Seven Magic Mountains

The main collection in the “Neon Boneyard” includes more than 200 unrestored signs and 19 fully-functioning signs.

Take in the history of Las Vegas through its neon signs at The Neon Museum

With 3 stages of free live music every single night, and a free summer concert series it has great entertainment.

Do the whole Fremont Street thing

With extremely rare exceptions, almost every single chef worthy of the title “celebrity” in the country has a restaurant in Las Vegas.

Experience celebrity chef dining on the Strip

There are many different kinds of pool parties and dayclubs to choose from depending on your personal preferences.

Experience how Vegas throws a pool party

100+ Fun and Exciting Things To Do in Las Vegas