What’s the Best Vegas Magic Show?

His show is bound to leave you questioning reality and wondering if there is such a thing as the supernatural.

David Copperfield

Penn & Teller have been blowing minds for decades, mixing the elusive art of magic and sleight of hand with straight-to-the-point.

Penn & Teller

If you prefer your magic shows to leave you in stitches with tears of joy in your eyes, then Nathan Burton’s Comedy Magic is the show for you.

Nathan Burton Comedy Magic

With over 75 mind-blowing acts performed every single night, the “Mindfreak” is perfect for those who like their magic shows to leave them on the edge of their seats

Criss Angel Live

If there is any act in the world that can make you question reality, it’s Paranormal: Mind Reading Magic by Frederic Da Silva.

Paranormal: Mind Reading Magic

What’s the Best Vegas Magic Show?