Flavors Buffet at Harrah’s – 2021 Price, Hours, Menu, & Coupons

Flavors Buffet at Harrah’s Las Vegas is one of the most diverse buffets in Las Vegas, featuring fresh seafood and live-action cooking stations that delight guests of all ages.

Note: Flavors Buffet is temporarily closed in 2021

Flavors represent dishes from all over the world and wow guests with their delectable dishes from Brazilian BBQ to authentic Italian pasta cooked in a wood-burning oven, and even hand rolled sushi. If you’re hungry and love variety, head here for convenient and affordable options that won’t break the bank.

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Harrah's hotel for buffet food

Flavors buffet is centrally located in Harrah’s and is easily accessible from the casino floor. Their esthetic choices feature a unique, round design, wood accents, modern décor, and marked stations so guests can easily navigate around the dozens of food options. You won’t find a ton of bells and whistles when it comes to the theme or atmosphere at Flavors which also makes this Vegas buffet relaxed and casual.

Flavors Buffet at Harrah’s Vegas Prices


Children’s prices are $10 less than adults.

All you can drink champagne for brunch add on $7

Flavor's buffet las vegas

Welcome to Flavor’s Buffet!

Flavors Buffet Hours & Times

Open Hours8am - 9pm every day
Breakfast8am - 11am
Brunch8am - 4pm
Lunch 11am - 4pm
Dinner4pm - 9pm4pm - 9pm

Flavors Buffet Food and Menu Items

Flavors food is befitting their name as they feature many dishes from all over the world but finds its home in Las Vegas. Their breakfast buffet is average and typical of most large breakfast buffet spreads you would expect to find in Las Vegas.

International food selection at Flavor's buffet Las Vegas

The Ole table features tastes from south of the border.

Some of the offerings on the breakfast buffet include:

  • Pastries
  • Bread
  • Egg dishes
  • Sausage and bacon
  • Pancakes with toppings
  • Waffles with toppings
  • Omelet making station
  • Crepes
  • Boxed cereals

The Lunch and dinner buffets are what stand out about Flavors Buffet at Harrah’s. There are Nine stations that guests can choose food from which are:

  • Salad
  • Mexican
  • Soup
  • Seafood
  • Italian
  • Carving
  • Asian
  • Desserts
  • Beverages

Flavor’s Buffet Stations Part 1

The Salad Bar features fresh greens and eight dressings with all the salad toppings you can imagine. The cold salad bar also includes pre-made salads such as Greek artichoke salad, potato salad, broccoli salad, cucumber salads and more. There are also fruit options available.

Ole, the Mexican Food Station includes a taco bar where guests can get their fill on a fresh taco or fajita toppings including fresh guacamole, salsa, cheeses, sour cream and more. Tamales and barbeque pork ribs are available at the Ole station.

The Soup Station is available right next to Ole that has different hot soups available depending on the day. Some of the best include chicken posole and the shrimp and sweet corn chowder. There are several soups to choose from with classics such as chicken noodle, chili, and vegetable soup as staples.

Splash, the Seafood Station is what keeps people coming back to Flavors. The all-you-can-eat crab legs are the highlight of this station which also features Cajun shrimp, mussels, clams, scampi, crab salad, and side dishes that complement seafood such as crispy fries and hushpuppies.

Sushi and Seafood at Flavor's Buffet

The seafood at Flavor’s makes a Splash


Flavor’s Buffet Stations Part 2

The Italian Station features traditional pasta dishes like spaghetti, ravioli, penne, linguine and lasagna. You can also enjoy wood-fired pizza, pork marsala, Italian soups, and other classic Italian cuisines.

The Carving Station at Flavors has basics like prime rib, sausages, and smoked turkey. This station is connected on both sides to a large assortment of classic American comfort food sides such as mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, baked beans, steamed vegetables, fried and smoked chicken, collards, fries, fried shrimp, and yams.

Asian Station has a decent selection of sushi and other classic Asian dishes including spring rolls, pork buns, jasmine rice, fried rice, stir fry, pepper steak, Chow Mein and others. There are also delicious shooters including an orange scallop with cranberry shooter and a seaweed shooter. You’ll also find your favorite Asian soups here.

Sweets, the Dessert Station is a quaint buffet of assorted pies, pastry puffs, macaroons, cupcakes, flan, and crème Brulee. You can top any dessert you want with ice cream or make a sundae in the ice cream bar where there is also assorted gelato flavors.

Harrah's Sweets

Beverage Station is a self-service Pepsi dispenser that lets you mix and match flavor shots to any Pepsi product. The station also has juices, coffees, tea, milk, and cappuccino dispenses.

Flavor’s Buffet Tips and Extra Info

Overall, Flavors is a reasonably priced buffet with a variety of foods that can please any palette. There are no restrooms inside Flavors so make a stop before your meal. The closest bathrooms are on the casino floor. Servers are available for alcoholic drinks, but diners should be prepared to grab their sodas, juices, or tea and coffee.

Ask your server for a to-go cup if you get the unlimited champagne to add on with brunch, you can take a cup of champagne out of the buffet with you this way.

You can save big and eat at several buffets throughout the day when you purchase the Buffet of Buffets pass. Harrah’s is part of the Caesar’s Entertainment Buffet of Buffets Pass which grants unlimited access to many buffets on the strip for a 24-hours from the time of purchase.

The Buffet of Buffets Pass also includes access to these buffets:

If you have more than 14 people in your party, Flavors the Buffet at Harrah’s encourages calling ahead for seating. You can book your party’s table by calling 702-731-7778.

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