Ways to Travel from Los Angeles to Las Vegas

While flying might be the most popular way to get from LA to The Las Vegas Strip, there are many other modes of transportation that bring people from California into Las Vegas multiple times per day.

Keep reading for traveling to Las Vegas from Los Angeles.

ways to travel from Los Angeles to Las Vegas

Traveling from LA to Las Vegas By Car

Driving to Las Vegas is one of the easiest ways to get to Sin City from LA if you want to avoid the congestion of airports, bus terminals, and train stations. The drive is only around four hours and the scenery along the way is beautiful.

The best way to get to the strip from LA if you are looking to explore around Las Vegas is to drive a car.

travel by car to las vegas from LA

You will be free to explore without waiting on rideshares or public transportation or feel like you are confined to the Strip for your tourism. In fact, one of the best stops to make on the way to Vegas includes the Joshua Tree National Forest and the Mojave National Preserve if you love the outdoors.

If you want to leave your personal vehicle at home, renting a car is also an option for traveling. This option is ultimately more expensive because of the daily rental fees and possible mileage rates, however, if you are looking to drive in style while in Sin City, renting a flashy, car can be the vibe you are looking for.

Tip: Avoid a long drive time by not leaving on a Sunday back and avoid the busy Vegas holiday weekends.

Pros of Driving to Vegas

  • You always have reliable transportation available
  • You can easily explore on and off the Las Vegas Strip
  • You can leave and travel when you want to instead of sticking to a schedule
  • No early morning flights
  • Avoid the congestion of airports, bus terminals, and train stations
  • You can listen to your music as loud as you want
  • You can eat or smoke in your car
  • You do not have to pay extra for your luggage

Cons of Driving to Vegas

  • Gas Prices
  • Paying for Parking
  • Four hour drive each way
  • If your car breaks down, it can ruin the trip

Nothing beats hitting the open roads across 275 miles of beautiful desert scenery while playing your favorite music and eating the best road trip snacks along the way.

You will also be free to stop and enjoy the sites along the way, use the restroom, or have lunch if you want to take your time traveling to Las Vegas.

Traveling from LA to Las Vegas on a Bus

Traveling to Las Vegas from Los Angeles on a bus is one of the most efficient ways to travel and a cheap way to get to Sin City. Taking the bus is the same distance as driving your car but can take a little bit longer—five to seven hours instead of four.

Also, traveling by Greyhound bus is cheap, but they also are bus companies that specifically take visitors between LA and the Las Vegas Strip, including Megabus and Flixbus. These companies have low prices due to the competition for traveling between the two amazing cities.

Most people can get tickets for as low as $24 one way.

Traveling by bus can be cheaper than flying or driving, but you will also have to contend with the congestion of the bus terminals, traveling on a schedule, and being around strangers while traveling.

Many of the tour company busses will have onboard bathrooms, but some do not. They also will not make extra stops on the route if you need to use the restroom.

Buses also have less stringent rules than airlines; however, you will need to be aware of different rules on whether you can eat or drink on the bus, and do not forget your headphones!

Proses of Traveling by Bus from LA to Las Vegas:

  • Cheapest way of getting from LA to Las Vegas
  • Luggage is less additional fees than flying
  • Can usually bring your own food and beverages onto a bus
  • Someone else is driving
  • No parking fees in Las Vegas

Cons of Traveling by Bus from LA to Las Vegas:

  • Must adhere to the route schedule
  • Possible lack of bathrooms on bus
  • Cramped environment
  • Congestion in bus terminals
  • Longer travel time than car or plane

Taking the bus can be one of the most leisurely ways to get from Los Angeles to the Vegas strip. You do not have to drive yourself or pay for gas or parking, but you can still enjoy the beautiful scenery along the route, listen to music or watch a movie (with headphones).

flying into Las Vegas from LA

Traveling to Vegas via Plane from Los Angeles

Flying into Las Vegas is one of the top ways of traveling from LA because flights are readily available throughout the day and are nearly always nonstop. The flights are just over an hour between LA and Sin City.

Spirit and Southwest Airlines are two of the most popular that offer many different flight times from LAX to McCarren International Airport.

Flying also does not cost as much as some folks would think. Many of these flights are because of commuters and tickets are low, especially when booked a month or more in advance.

In fact, many visitors can often find flights as low as $20 each way. If you are only taking a personal bag onto the flight, and not checking any luggage, flying can be a cheap way to get to Las Vegas.

Pros of Flying to Las Vegas from Los Angeles

  • Fastest way to get from Los Angeles to Las Vegas
  • Flights can be booked at low rates
  • Public transportation from the airport to your hotel
  • Shuttle service from the airport to your hotel
  • You do not have to be the driver

Cons of Flying to Las Vegas from Los Angeles

  • Airport security and boarding wait times
  • Cost of checked luggage
  • Risk of flight cancellation or delays
  • Regulations for luggage and carry-ons
  • Cramped seating
  • Flight turbulence
  • No internet connection

There is no doubt that flying from Las Angeles to Las Vegas can be one of the quickest ways to get to Las Vegas, assuming the security lines and boarding time is fast, and your plane has no delays or cancellations.

Thousands of people fly into Las Vegas daily so there are many readily available rideshares, shuttles, or taxis to get you safely and quickly to your hotel.

travel by train to las vegas

Traveling from Los Angeles to Las Vegas by Train

Amtrack traveling from Los Angeles to Las Vegas is not recommended. There are two trains that leave Union Station in Las Angeles daily, however, the trip time is over 19 hours long and the cost is higher than flying or taking the bus.

However, you can take a train from Union Station to San Bernardino Transit Center and then continue the rest of the journey by bus to Las Vegas. There are trains leaving union station to San Bernardino every two hours and the trip takes 90 minutes (about 1 and a half hours).

The bus route from San Bernardino to Las Vegas is around four hours.

Whether you decide to drive, take a bus, or fly into Las Vegas, there are plenty of options that will get you to Sin City easily and conveniently. A car can be the most convenient, but also a very costly way of traveling, especially if you are paying Las Vegas parking fees.

Buses are leisurely and less expensive, but often take the longest; while a flight can be fast, but also risky. Make the transportation arrangements that fit into your schedule and budget after exploring all three.

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