14 Fun Things To Do Outdoors and Off the Strip in Vegas

Did someone say Vegas? While Las Vegas is known for partying and gambling, Sin City has a lot more to entertainment and attractions to offer.

If you’re looking to get off the Strip, we’ve got 14 fun things to do outdoors in Vegas that can make your trip exciting, active, and family-friendly.

14 Fun Things to Do Outdoors in Las Vegas

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Explore Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas.

1. Visit Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon is a national conversation area located only 17 miles from the Strip. Those who love active adventures can go mountain biking, rock climbing, or hiking.

If you’re looking to enjoy the scenery, scenic drives and picnics are also popular.

2. Go to Lake Mead

Lake Mead is a man-made that’s southeast of the city of Las Vegas. It’ll take you about 30 minutes to drive from downtown Vegas before you’re on the water.

You can boat, canoe, kayak, or swim. However, keep in mind that there are no designated beaches or lifeguards. You can also bike at the lake on park roads or designated bicycle paths.

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3. Rent ATVs

If you’ve never been on a four-wheeler, then there’s no better time than now. This is especially ideal if you have a big group and you want everyone to be able to participate.

With a guided tour, no one will get left behind and everyone can have fun tearing it up on an ATV.

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Outdoor fun at Wet N Wild Las Vegas

4. Go to Wet ‘n’ Wild Vegas

Do you have kids who love water parks?

Wet ‘n’ Wild takes water-related fun to the next level. The desert heat isn’t anything to joke about.

While all Vegas has a lot of beautiful scenery, if you’re headed to the southwest in the summer, you know you’ll need to cool down after any outdoor Vegas activities.

See Vegas from above on Maverick Helicopters

5. Do a helicopter tour

Helicopter Tours are a unique way to see any city you visit.

Get off the Strip and see it from above.

Maverick Helicopters has an incredible night flight for two or four depending on the size of your group. It’s one of the top things to do outdoors in Vegas.

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Visit hoover dam vegas outdoor activities

6. Visit the Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam is an engineering marvel built on the borders of Arizona and Nevada. Just like The Grand Canyon, it’s something you just have to see if you’re already in the area. It was built from 1931 to 1936 during the Great Depression.

You can take a 5-hour tour straight from downtown Las Vegas with the Hoover Dam Tour Company.

Exotics racing in Las Vegas attraction

7. Exotics Racing

Do you have a need for speed? Exotic cars can help you feel what it’s like to drive on a real racetrack. You’ll head out to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

This is a fun and unique outdoor activity you’ve likely never done before.

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golfing in vegas

8. Go golfing

While you may not expect golfing to be abundant in the desert, the Las Vegas area is home to a variety of well-kept golf courses. In fact, it’s one of the most popular outdoor activities for locals and tourists alike.

Here are some of the top-rated courses you may choose to play while you’re in the area:

  • Shadow Creek Golf Course
  • Cascata
  • Wolf at Las Vegas Paiute Golf Course
  • Snow Mountain
  • TPC Las Vegas
A look at the majestic Grand Canyon.

9. Visit the Grand Canyon

Ready for quick road trip?

Most people don’t realize that the Grand Canyon (located in Northern Arizona) is only 5 hours away from Las Vegas by bus and 3 hours away by car.

The Grand Canyon is considered one of the 7 natural wonders of the world.

If you’re looking for a tour, here is just one of many you can take of Grand Canyon West.

It will guide you through all the best viewpoints. If you don’t head to the southwest region of the U.S. often, you have to visit the U.S. while you’re there.

Make sure to check out Fire State Park while you are in Las Vegas
Make sure to check out Valley of Fire State Park while you are in Las Vegas

10. See the Valley of Fire

You’ve likely heard of the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park, but have you heard of the Valley of Fire?

This state park lies 50 miles north of the city and has rocks that glow red. If you’re obsessed with natural rock formations, then this is one of the best things to do in Vegas. Visit here to learn more.

11. Join an off-road excursion

With Zero1 Desert Adventures, you can participate in an exciting off-road excursion where you can explore the Mojave Desert.

The best part?

You’re only 25 minutes south of the Las Vegas Strip, which means you can go back to partying it up after this 2 to 4-hour excursion.

It’s the perfect way to break up the day and see some local beauty.

See 7 Magic Mountains in Vegas

12. Visit 7 Magic Mountains

This site is a free and colorful landmark that you can visit in the Las Vegas area.

Imagine seven towers of colorful, stacked boulders that stand more than 25 feet high and you have the 7 Magic “Mountains.” There’s also free parking!

It’s the perfect outdoor Vegas activity.

zion national park

13. Visit Zion National Park

Looking for more outdoor Vegas activities and things to do besides gambling in Vegas?

Don’t miss an opportunity to head to Utah’s first national park: Zion.

Just looking at pictures will have you mesmerized.

Here’s a quick list of everything you can do in Zion National Park on your trip to Vegas.

  • Backpacking
  • Biking
  • Birding
  • Camping
  • Canyoneering
  • Climbing
  • Hiking
  • Horseback riding
  • River trips
  • Sunset and stargazing
Flightlinez Bootleg Canyon Ziplining
Flightlinez Bootleg Canyon Ziplining

14. Go ziplining in Bootleg Canyon

Only 30 miles away from the Strip, ziplining in Bootleg Canyon is often a top outdoor Vegas activity for first-time visitors and nature lovers.

It gives you an incredible bird’s-eye view of the Mojave Desert and Bootleg Canyon.

You can also try Zipling on the Vegas strip at the FlyLINQ Zipline.

Final thoughts

Vegas has a lot more up its sleeve than just casinos! Don’t limit yourself to the Strip.

These 14 outdoor Vegas activities can help you branch out and find exciting new things to do in the area.

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