Things to do in Vegas Other Than Gambling

Las Vegas is known for its casinos, bright lights, and a vacation experience you will never forget. With this reputation, many tourists find it hard to find things to do besides gambling. There are many things to do in Las Vegas other than gambling.

Walk the Las Vegas Strip

To get the most out of your Las Vegas vacation, you do not need to spend a ton of money to do it. There are many things you can do in Las Vegas without spending money. One way to enjoy the scenery of Vegas for free is to walk the Las Vegas Strip. I believe you should do this at least twice during your vacation. Walking the Strip during the day allows visitors to enjoy the fresh air and get some exercise in. Walking the strip at night is another experience. At night, you can enjoy the lights, musicians, and really capture the fun vibe of Las Vegas. Enjoying both views is pertinent to experiencing Las Vegas.

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas

welcome sign in las vegas

A great way to capture your Vegas experience for free is to visit the iconic Welcome to Las Vegas sign. You can park in the lot attached to the sign and wait a few minutes in line to have your picture taken at the sign. Please keep in mind, these are not professional pictures. You can ask a friendly stranger or have multiple pictures of your group. The bonus, is that this photo op serves as a free memento of your trip to Las Vegas.

Hint:  Take a limo to your hotel from the airport and have the driver stop at the Vegas sign and take a photo of your or your group in front of the sign.

Bellagio Fountains

There are two main attractions on the Las Vegas Strip that do not require any money at all, they are purely for the enjoyment of tourists. The Bellagio water show is incredible. It occurs a few times each hour and each show is never the same. The enormous fountain is choreographed to music and is really a breathtaking sight. Another attraction that costs absolutely nothing is the volcano show at the Mirage. It bubbles and boils just like a real volcano and is also an incredible sight.

Bellagio Fountains

Bellagio Fountains

Thrill Rides on the Strip

For those of you tourists who are thrill-seekers, there are a multitude of ways to get your share of adrenaline pumping. The New York New York Hotel and Casino is home to the Big Apple Coaster. This ride thrills 1.4 million visitors per year, and stops many hearts along the way.

The Stratosphere is home to many extreme, heart-pumping activities. On the top of the Stratosphere lies a three part amusement park. The Big Shot is a ride that travels up and down the needle on top of the Stratosphere at 45 mph. The Insanity suspend you over the side of the building and spins you at a 70 degree angle, causing riders to experience 3 G’s. Finally, the X-Scream is a giant teeter totter that sends you almost headfirst over the side of the building, stops, and then comes back to repeat the process. Patrons experience weightlessness as they dangle above the Las Vegas Strip.

Family Fun

There are many activities for families along the Las Vegas Strip too. For example, The Adventure Dome at Circus Circus is an indoor amusement park and arcade, a perfect activity for the kids. With indoor roller coasters, lasertag, and other various activities could keep the entire family entertained all day.

Another fun family activity is the Shark Reef aquarium at Mandalay Bay. This aquarium is home to more than 2,000 creatures with 15 different species of sharks. The aquarium experience at the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino is incredible. You can swim in their pool and take a ride on their 3 story water slide through a shark tank. The pool area at the Golden Nugget is now known as The Tank, as the water slide through the tank is so popular.

Live Music Venues

Las Vegas is also a wonderful town for music venues, not just the Life is beautiful Festival or EDC, but also smaller venues. At the Brooklyn Bowl, you can rent a lane to bowl and enjoy live bands. They also offer large party packages with your bar tab included. This is definitely a fun group activity or even a date night activity.

Your Las Vegas vacation does not have to be about gambling and spending time at machines in casinos. There are many activities on and off the Strip that can be fun for everyone. Make sure you remember that your Las Vegas vacation does not have to be cookie cutter. Make it something you are going to enjoy!