The Incredible Las Vegas $20 Sandwich Trick

Looking for ways to maximize your Vegas experience without breaking the bank?

Try the 20 Dollar Trick, also known as the $20 Sandwich Trick!

These simple hacks can help you upgrade your hotel room and save money on dining.

Keep reading for a quick rundown of what you can expect.

You might be surprised to learn that just twenty bucks in a tip could be enough to get you a significant room upgrade that would have cost you as much as $100 a night or more beyond what you paid for your room.

20 dollar trick, $20 Las Vegas Sandwich Trick

So How Does the “$20 Trick” Work?

It’s sometimes called the ‘sandwich trick’ because often people seeking an upgrade ‘sandwich the twenty dollar bill between their license and credit card when checking in.

Here is how to do it:

How to: Ask the front desk if they have any upgrades available and hand them your credit card and id with a $20-$50 bill in between them.

Most of the time, you might get an upgrade to a strip view room or perhaps a room a level higher than the one you currently booked. 

Do not expect a penthouse room, although it has happened.

$20 trick Las Vegas
Try your luck and upgrade to a nice suite

Won’t the Clerk be Confused?


One of the best things about the $20 trick is that it has become so commonplace in Las Vegas that all of the clerks are familiar with it.

If they are open to giving you an upgrade, they will likely look through the computer for available rooms.

If no upgrade is available, they will customarily slip you the twenty dollars back, and you can proceed with checking in to your normal room. If they find a good upgrade, they will pocket the twenty, and you get a great room for a much lower price.

Does it Work, What Are my Chances?

Yes and no.

Just like anything else, the sandwich trick is successful on a case-by-case basis.

Some hotel clerks are more receptive to it than others, and some hotels have more flexible upgrade policies than others.

Some of the more receptive hotels in the past have been the Luxor, The Mirage, Hotel Paris, and Bellagio.

You will never know unless you try, so give it a shot at check-in and see what happens!

Check out Reddit or other Vegas forums for tips on which hotels work best and what types of upgrades people are getting.

Are There Other Ways to Get an Upgrade?

If you are not comfortable trying the twenty-dollar sandwich trick or want to save your money from the slot machines, you could also just try asking for an upgrade without the tip.

You might get lucky and get a free upgrade, or get one for a big discount off of the usual rate.

By simply asking about the availability of a room upgrade, you might be offered a great deal. However, don’t expect to get the free upgrade that you might find by using the 20 dollar trick.

Another idea is to hold the $20 bill while asking for an upgrade and if the clerk finds something then you can tip without it looking like some kind of bribe…

Considering you are likely to spend far more than twenty bucks while visiting Sin City, the $20 trick is a great way to possibly upgrade your room and get to experience Las Vegas the way a high roller does.

You have nothing to lose as the clerk will likely hand back the $20 if there are no upgrades – and if they keep the $20, you should be in line for a great room to call home during your exciting stay!

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