The Best Las Vegas Hamburger Restaurants for 2016

Las Vegas may be full of hoity toity high end restaurants, but there are still plenty of places where you can get your hands on a mouth watering burger. From classic simplicity to international inspired toppings, there is a burger for every taste on the Las Vegas Strip.

Best Vegas Hamburger Restaurants for 2016

BLT Burger – Mirage

The acclaimed BLT Steak and BLT Fish restaurants in New York sent their esteemed chef to Vegas with raving success. BLT Burger at the Mirage Hotel and Casino puts the B in hamburger and then adds some cheese, bacon and fresh veggies to top it off. Wrap your hands around a 100% Angus beef Tex-Mex burger, topped with chili, avocado jack cheese, salsa and a drop of sour cream and see what a burger in Mexico is supposed to taste like.

Burger Bar – Mandalay Bay

Mandalay’s Burger Bar is just that.. a bar. Where you are invited to pick and choose what the perfect burger is to you. Start with the meat – or chicken or salmon if that’s your thing – and work your way down through buns, veggies and cheeses. Then it gets really interesting as you are invited to go nuts with choice like a half lobster or grilled pineapple. If that’s too much thinking for you, just opt for the Rossini, which is Kobe beef on an onion bun with seared foie gras, shaved truffles and brown sauce.

burger bar

Holsteins – The Cosmopolitan

Vegas’s Cosmopolitan Hotel is rich in fine dining restaurants, yet does a tremendous job with its affordable burger joint Holsteins. Despite the posh surroundings, the menu is packed with playful puns like “The Rising Sun” – Kobe beef glazed with teriyaki sauce and topped off with nori furikake, fried yam, tempura avocado and spicy mayo. Drown that with a maple bacon shake, because even ice cream tastes better with bacon.

Le burger brasserie – Paris Las Vegas

Here you expect to find foie gras drizzled on your burger, but the Paris Hotel does serve the classic American dish right. With the exception of exotic cheeses, the main burger menu is very cut and juicy until you reach the 777. And that’s not the weight of the meat. For $777 your Kobe beef burger will be topped off with pancetta, goat cheeses, seared foie gras (there it is), arugula and a Maine lobster and aged balsamic. They even throw in a bottle of Dom Perignon to wash it down.

Le burger brasserie

Stripburger – Fashion Show Mall

The only restaurant on the Vegas strip where dining outside is mandatory, Stripburger does not rely on pomp and circumstance to stand out. Instead, they use select cuts of prime beef that is never frozen, all fresh vegetables and buns that are baked daily. Their signature burger pounds on the blue cheese, mayo, pickles, veggies and fried onion strings to perfection. Stop by for a late lunch and pair your burger with a $2 draft.

Gordon Ramsay BurGR – Planet Hollywood

The British chef with the bad mouth does have great taste in burgers. His Planet Hollywood BurGR has been receiving rave reviews for its gourmet creations since its grand opening. Twisting a comfort food is risky, especially coming from the other side of the pond, but Ramsey nails it. Just take a bite into the Farm Burger, which combines chuck, short rib and brisket into one patty, smothering it with sharp cheddar cheese, duck breast bacon and a fried egg. This combination will make you an instant convert.

Umami Burger – SLS Hotel

Since its grand opening late last year, the SLS Hotel has continued its quest to raise the bars in Vegas, including the classic burger joint. The Umami concept took off in LA, and eventually made its way across the desert to the SLS. The menu is dense in variety, but the stand out burger is the Manly, where cheddar cheese infused with beer is melted onto a patty then topped with bacon and salt onion rings.

B&B Burger and Beer – Venetian Hotel

You have to love a restaurant whose name cuts right to the chase, although admittedly there seems to be a bit more beer to burger. USDA Prime Black Angus Beef is ground daily to create an eclectic array of mouth watering burgers. The menu may confuse at first, with toppings like fontina (an Italian cheese) and trevisco (Italian red lettuce) but don’t let that discourage your taste buds from indulging in the Bottom Burner. This burger is a delicious combination of pepper jack cheese, jalapeño pesto, onion rings and hot sauce. That’s likely the reason for all the beer.

B&B Burger and Beer

Bobby’s Burger Palace – The Shops at Crystals

Bobby Flay’s burger concept is simple. Explore the different versions of the American signature dish around the country, and then bring them all under one roof. Your mouth is savoring the flavors of the Carolinas with a burger smothered in American cheese, green onion slaw and mustard BBQ sauce. Meanwhile your buddy travels north to Philly, and sinks his teeth into a burger topped with griddled onions (of course) and provolone cheese with hot peppers.

I Love Burgers – Palazzo Resort

Although located inside of a heavily Italian influenced resort, I Love Burgers is American classic. Reminiscent of a ‘50’s style burger café, you will find an impressive array of classic favorites and new culinary delights like the I Love Bacon. Grinding the bacon in with the meat should have happened years ago, as the taste is to die for. But to grill it, and throw bacon and bacon infused mayo on top and you have a bacon lover’s heaven in a burger.

As Vegas continues to break new barriers in its restaurant concepts, it is taking the classic American burger with it. Indulge your taste buds with a variety of new flavors that will all have you licking your fingers and wishing for more.

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