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How to get discount tickets to FANTASY: The Strip’s Sexiest Tease in Las Vegas

Experience the allure of “FANTASY: The Strip’s Sexiest Tease” at the Luxor Theater, where sultry dancers bring your wildest fantasies to life through high-energy routines and tantalizing costume reveals. 

Hosted by Lorena Peril and featuring 15 powerhouse acts, including solo pole dancing, aerial performances, and steamy burlesque stripteases, this sizzling show offers something for every taste.

FANTASY discount tickets las vegas

FANTASY Ticket Types

FANTASY: The Strip’s Sexiest Tease tickets range from $40 to $65.

The theatre, inside Luxor, is not too big, with only about 13 rows.  

The price for closer seats near the stage is not much more than the back so it might make sense to purchase the best seats overall.  

Getting Discount FANTASY: The Strip’s Sexiest Tease Tickets

FANTASY: The Strip’s Sexiest Tease is an excellent choice for a date night or a choice of Burlesque show in Las Vegas

There are several ways you can get discounted tickets to FANTASY in Las Vegas.

FANTASY Tickets at Vegas.com

Usually, some of the best prices and sometimes offering promo codes and seasonal discounts.

Currently, the cheapest tickets are nearly $40, which is lower than buying through other options.

Also, comparing the best seats near the stage beats direct tickets by at least a few dollars.

Get the Best Prices on FANTASY: The Strip’s Sexiest Tease Tickets

FANTASY: The Strip’s Sexiest Tease Tickets

FANTASY: The Strip’s Sexiest Tease Ticketmaster Tickets

FANTASY: The Strip’s Sexiest Tease has Ticketmaster tickets from $47, but fees might make these even higher than Vegas.com.  From my research, tickets here are a bit more expensive, as much as $10 or more, especially with the premium seats.

Direct from Venue Tickets

When checking the prices from Luxor.com, the premium seats were $59 compared to $57.  Also Vegas.com has lower fees too.

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When to Buy FANTASY: The Strip’s Sexiest Tease Group Tickets

You typically will have time to buy FANTASY tickets, but be sure to book early if you want premium seats near the stage or have a larger group.

The only time I would wait is if you are near a holiday like Labor Day weekend or able to wait for a black Friday Vegas deal.

Book at least a couple of weeks before your trip to Las Vegas if you want any premium sections and more than two tickets together.

Fantasy Overview

This tasteful and very seductive evening of entertainment is not just for the guys; females appreciate not only the powerful vocals of lead singer and Latin beauty Lorena Peril, who also happens to have a killer body and hips like Shakira, and high energy, upbeat numbers, but the beautiful, mesmerizing women. This sizzling production combines adult revue with a variety show, bringing together stunning scantily clad women, amazing vocals, and laugh-out-loud comedy to create a classy yet sexy evening of entertainment.

These beautiful dancers perform expertly choreographed numbers like the “muy caliente” salsa dance, sensual belly dance, and even graceful, sexy aerial silk trapeze routines. The show certainly lives up to its title, indulging audience members with their deepest secret desires and fantasies all coming to life on the stage. Lucky guests may even be pulled up onto the stage to participate in this fantastical dream world.

Show Features

  • Show Type: Adult
  • Venue: at Luxor
  • Location: Strip
  • Length of Show: 90 minutes
  • Show Times: Daily: 10:30pm
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