XS Vegas Guide: What You Need to Know

XS Nightclub is one of the top Las Vegas Nightclubs on the Las Vegas Strip. This club features some of the best performers like The Chainsmokers and offers an elegant décor that helps set it apart from its competition.

Below, you’ll find an XS Vegas guide to help you navigate the ins and outs of this top Vegas nightclub.

XS vegas nightclub
Entrance to XS inside the Encore – one of the best clubs in Vegas.

What are the hours of XS Las Vegas?

XS Las Vegas is open on the weekends (Friday through Sunday) from 10:30 pm until close.

The closing time varies each evening depending on the event. Though, you can typically expect the club to close around 4 am.

What should I wear to XS Nightclub?

Like many Las Vegas nightlife options, the XS nightclub has a strict dress code. There are quite a few items of clothing you can’t wear, including anything baggy/ill-fitting, any item that has stains or rips, sandals, gym wear/athletic attire, etc.

Men who want to ensure they get into the club can wear dress shoes, a button-down, and slacks or nice jeans. Women can opt for a cocktail dress or something similar with heels.

Who owns XS Nightclub?

Jesse Waits is the owner of XS Nightclub. Jesse began as a bar-back at the House of Blues in the 1990s.

He slowly worked his way up to management, landing the position of managing XS. Now, he’s a co-owner of the infamous nightclub.

What is the best night to visit XS?

The best night to visit XS depends on what you want to experience that evening. For example, Saturday nights typically offer more well-known artists and performers with larger crowds.

On Sundays, you can take advantage of XS Night Swim, similar to a pool party atmosphere with live entertainment. XS Night Swim is a seasonal event that only occurs in the summer. Sundays are also quite popular, so expect larger crowds on this day.

Fridays are the “quieter” evenings, so if you prefer slightly smaller crowds, you can opt to visit XS on this night instead.

drinks prices at XS vegas

What are the drink prices at XS?

The drinks at XS Nightclub typically cost around $10-$15 for house and well liquors. $10-$15 includes mixed drinks and beers.

If you opt for top-shelf liquors in your drinks and shots, you’ll be spending about $20 per drink.

How do I get a table?

XS Nightclub is standing room only unless you purchase bottle service or reserve a VIP space.

Then, you’ll have access to a reserved table. There are different table location options, each with a different minimum spend amount.

For example, lower dance floor tables have an $8000 minimum spend while the upper dance floor has a $7000 minimum. The most affordable tables are on the patio, with a $1500 minimum spend.

Bottle service includes an array of other benefits like:

  • A VIP host to help answer any questions you may have
  • A waived cover charge for the nightclub plus expedited entry through a separate VIP line
  • A VIP table for the entire evening
  • A security guard in the section you reserve

How do I get into XS?

There are a few ways that you can gain access to the XS Nightclub.

  • You can get on the guestlist
  • Purchase a ticket ahead of time
  • Pay a cover fee at the door

Alternatively, if you elect bottle service beforehand, you can skip the guest list line, and you’ll be escorted through a separate VIP line.

As a note, there are different tickets that you can purchase. There’s a general event ticket, which varies in cost depending on how popular the DJ or performer is.

There is also an expedited entry ticket for those who don’t want to wait long in line. Keep in mind that men and women pay different amounts for entry at clubs in Las Vegas. XS is no exception, with males being charged a higher cost for entry.

What music do they play at XS?

The variety of music you’ll find at XS changes depending on the night and who’s performing. However, you’ll find that typical entertainment falls under EDM music (electronic dance music).

Some DJs who have performed at the club include Chainsmokers, David Guetta, and Skrillex.

XS nightclub at Encore

Where is XS located?

The XS nightclub is located at the Encore Hotel, near the Encore Beach Club on Las Vegas Blvd. This nightclub is right on the Las Vegas Strip, offering an easily accessible location for those already out on the town.

XS Nightclub is a great spot to see top performers, meet new people, and spend an evening in a luxurious setting. While bottle service is pricey, you don’t have to purchase it for entry into the club.

Make sure you book tickets for XS next time you’re in Las Vegas so you can experience this top club firsthand.

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