Las Vegas Mirage Volcano Show – Times and Information

If you’re heading to Vegas, you’re likely compiling a list of the best free things to do

Well, make sure you put the Las Vegas Mirage Volcano Show on that list. While the showtimes have been dramatically reduced since July 2015, it’s still a must-see on the Strip.

Here’s what you should know.

Las Vegas Mirage Volcano History

The Las Vegas Mirage Volcano Show is one of the hottest shows on the Strip (no pun intended).

Las vegas mirage volcano show

The Mirage Casino holds a nightly eruption of its famous volcano. Get the kids out to see it at least once while you’re in Vegas!

It was built by Joel Bergman and opened back in 1989 as a spectacularly choreographed fire and music show.

The show was redesigned by WET Enterprises (the creators of the Bellagio Fountains) in 1996 and now integrates music of The Grateful Dead’s drummer Mickey Hart and Indian table player Zakir Hussain.

You’ll witness a serene 54-foot waterfall transform into a fiery lagoon with 150 fire shooters that launch 12 feet into the area. Two erupting volcanoes are set to percussion music with sound effects.

Needless to say, everyone who witnesses the Mirage Volcano Show will be left with a lasting impression. You can feel the music and eruptions rumble beneath your feet and feel the heat from the fire in front of you.

The upbeat performance is a fun way to start or end any night on the Strip depending on how rowdy you’re feeling. It’s perfectly family-friendly and exciting for all ages.

Mirage Volcano Show Times

  • Days: Monday through Sunday
  • Times: 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
  • Length: Almost 5 minutes

Please note that the schedule may vary, and shows are subject to cancellation due to high winds. If you see a flashing red light on top, this means that the show has been canceled. This is likely to do high winds in the area.

Mirage Casino Kid friendly activities, volcano eruption.

The Mirage Casino holds a nightly eruption of its famous volcano. Get the kids out to see it at least once while you’re in Vegas! Via Instagram: @themiragelv.

How Often Does It Erupt?

Previously, the volcano erupted every half hour. Currently, the show occurs only on the hour at 8 PM, 9 PM, 10 PM, and 11 PM.

How Long Does the Show Last?

As noted above, the length of the show is just under 5 minutes. You won’t need to dedicate an extensive amount of time to enjoying this spectacle. It’ll keep the attention of small children, and you can enjoy it as you move from one activity to the other or as a nightcap.

Mirage Volcano Location

The Volcano Show is located outside the Las Vegas Boulevard Main Entrance.

Here’s where you can get a prime viewing spot for these times

  • Strip Sidewalk: If you go this route, you’ll want to arrive about 25-30 minutes in advance to get a front-row spot on the railing.
  • Mirage Volcano Room: You can book a Volcano View room at the Mirage (about $10 more dollars), which will give you a perfect view without the crowds.
  • Mirage Self-Park or Valet: This is the perfect place to see the volcano without as many people. You can park at the Mirage Self-Park and walk into the Casino. Turn left just past the Front Desk. Then, continue outside through the main entrance towards Las Vegas Boulevard. The volcano will be on your right. If you valet your car, then the volcano will be on your right as you’re facing Las Vegas Boulevard.
  • Outback Steakhouse: There’s an Outback Steakhouse that offers window seating with a perfect view. Pick this location and get dinner and a show!


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