MGM Grand Free Parking Tips, Fees, and Guide

MGM Grand is known as the entertainment giant of the Las Vegas Strip and one of the largest hotels in the World

Like most top entertainment spots in Las Vegas, parking around Vegas can be challenging.

Keep reading to discover everything MGM Grand parking-related from free self-park options to parking fees and valet parking rates.

MGM Grand parking rates, fees, free self parking options

MGM Grand Self-Parking Fees/Rates

In previous years, registered hotel guests would receive free parking at MGM Grand. However, that’s no longer the case.

Now, MGM Grand offers free parking for the first hour of self-park.

Then, the rate increases to $15-$18, depending on the length of parking time.

MGM Grand Self-Parking Rates:

  • Hour 1: Free
  • Hour 2-4: $15
  • Hour 4-24: $18
  • Every 24 Hours (after the first day): $18

Free parking at MGM Grand is also offered to MGM Rewards members (Pearl level and above).

How to Self-Park at MGM Grand

You’ll find the parking garage off Tropicana Avenue nearby the hotel. Upon entering, you’ll need to grab a parking ticket, which is when the timer begins. Hotel guests can use their key cards to get into the parking garage, which conveniently adds the parking charges onto your tab.

Otherwise, you can use the MGM Rewards card to enter and exit the parking garage at no charge (Pearl level and above).

Make sure to bring the parking ticket, key card, or rewards card with you each time you leave the premises. Otherwise, you won’t be able to leave the parking garage.

If you’ve lost your ticket for the self-park garage, you’ll likely pay a $30 lost ticket fee. Avoid this fee by ensuring you always have your ticket on you.

mgm self parking -  free options

MGM Grand Valet Parking Fees/Rates

Valet parking rates are a little trickier, as they change based on the day you use the parking garage.

With the special events, like Halloween in Vegas, demand is higher, and so are valet parking fees. Here’s a breakdown of parking rates for each day.

MGM Grand Valet Parking Rates:


  • Hour 0-2: $18
  • Hour 2-4: $22
  • Hour 4-24: $26
  • Every 24 Hours (after the first day): $26


  • Hour 0-2: $20
  • Hour 2-4: $24
  • Hour 4-24: $30
  • Every 24 Hours (after the first day): $30
mgm grand valet prices and fees

How Valet Works at MGM Grand

Like with self-parking, hotel guests will use their hotel keycard as a transactional method. Upon presenting your keycard to the valet, you’ll be handed your keys, your car will be brought to you, and you can leave the parking lot. Any parking charges will be added to your room tab.

Otherwise, you can collect your car by presenting a valet ticket. In this case, you’ll need to pay your parking costs in full before receiving your keys and car back.

If you’re visiting MGM Grand multiple times per week (or day), be aware that you’ll need to pay parking fees each time you use valet parking.

As a reminder, tipping is not required but is recommended for valet drivers and other hotel staff that provides services for you (such as a bellboy).

Parking at MGM Grand FAQ

Is there Free Parking Available at MGM Grand?

You can self-park for free, but only if you have a Pearl, Gold, Platinum, or NOIR MGM Rewards card. If you have this card at any level above pearl, you’ll also gain free parking at any MGM-owned business.

The only other way to achieve free parking is by showing a valid Nevada license or ID.

Nevada residents can take advantage of free parking for three hours. Then, you’ll need to cover the additional parking fees.

MGM Grand Parking Tips

Always keep your parking ticket, hotel keycard, or MGM Rewards card on you at all times for a smooth parking experience.

Having a Pearl-level MGM Rewards card also nets you free valet parking!

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