Meow Wolf Omega Mart Prices, Discounts, and Guide

Meow Wolf is an arts and entertainment group based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

They’ve recently started expanding and now have two permanent exhibits in Santa Fe and Las Vegas along with a ride and massive space opening in Denver in late 2021.

Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart opened in February 2021 as a new immersive, multimedia experience ideal for the whole family.

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Omega Mart Prices and Hours

Attractions in AREA15 Vegas Omega Mart

Omega Mart Art and Exhibits

In short, it combines a jungle gym, haunted house, children’s museum, and immersive art exhibit into one to support systematic social change and well-being through the arts.

Omega Mart inside AREA15

In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you’ll need to know before you visit Meow Wolf Omega Mart for the first time.

Omega Mart Guide

Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart Hours

Sunday - Thursday:10 am to 10 pm
Friday & Saturday:10 am to 12 am

Meow Wolf is open all week and has different hours than AREA15.

AREA15 Las Vegas Attraction Guide

Omega Mart is located within AREA15.

AREA15 is a fun attraction, very artistic

Omega Mart’s Location

Omega Mart is located in AREA15 is an experiential retail and entertainment complex located in Las Vegas.

It’s located one mile west of the Las Vegas Strip.

Area15 Attractions

Admission to AREA15 itself is free and once inside the complex you can enjoy the art on display, play yard games on the patio, and gain access to nearby dining options.

Address: 3215 S. Rancho Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89102

Omega Mart Portals

Omega Mart’s Pricing

Here is the ticketing information for Vegas Omega Mart. Beware: Tickets do tend to sell out because Meow Wolf is new to the area, so be sure to book early!

General Admission (13+):$49
Children: $44
Military: $44

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All children ages 4 and under are admitted free. All minors must be accompanied and supervised by a guardian over 18 years old. To qualify for one of the Nevada Resident admission rates, you must show a valid state ID at entry.

Meow Wolf's Omega Mart

Omega Mart Tips and Information

Don’t read too much.

Part of the fun of going to Omega Mart is not knowing too much about what’s in store. We’ll try to tell you what to expect without actually telling you what will happen.

Another view of Omega Mart Vegas

Arrive 10 minutes before your ticketed time.

The line starts at Art Island, which is an outdoor art display in front of the main entrance to AREA15. You can speed up the process by having your QR code ready.

If you arrive 15 minutes after your ticketed time, you may be too late to enter, and you’ll have to speak with staff to see if they can accommodate you.

Leave everything at home.

Your phone, car keys, wallet, and mask are fine. However, stroller, backpacks, large bags, outside food, drinks, weapons, and cameras (including DSLRs and Go Pros) are not permitted! You cannot leave any item except for jackets and coats at coat check.

Ask for a “boop” card.

Yes, we know this sounds weird, but this is one of the cool narrative elements of Meow Wolf. We don’t want to spoil the fun, so find an Omega Mart employee when you’re there and enjoy.

Read about the clothing requirements.

For slide participations, all guests must wear clothing made of a non-slippery fabric (i.e. denim or cotton) and have closed-toe, closed-heel shoes. Guests not wearing the appropriate attire will not be permitted on the slides for safety reasons.

Here are examples of inappropriate clothing: sandals, flip flops, stilettos, heels higher than 2 inches, mules, crocs, any shoes in which the toe or heel is exposed, leggings, lycra, spandex, polyester, satin, silk, rayon, nylon, acetate, viscose, and similar materials.

Be aware of the height requirement.

AREA15 and Omega Mart is intended to be a fun, family-friend activity, but guests must be 48” tall to ride the slides. Make sure you’re aware of that and that your group will still be okay if your smallest members are too small.

Omega Mart Discounts

As noted above, Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart does offer discounts to the following groups:

  • Children
  • Seniors
  • Military
  • Nevada Residents

In order to qualify for these discounts, you may be asked to show a valid state or military ID at entry.

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