Las Vegas Travel Tips and Advice for This Year

Every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists flock to Las Vegas. With a larger-than-life reputation that precedes it, Sin City can easily devour any unsuspecting visitor if they aren’t privy to the ways of Paradise.

Its glamorous charm has been known to leave even the most experienced Vegas connoisseur entranced and a little starry-eyed.

Let’s face it, sometimes we all need a little help.

If you’re planning a winning Las Vegas vacation, here are the 74 best Las Vegas travel tips to make your experience truly remarkable.

74 Las Vegas Travel Tips, Advice & Hints

las vegas travel tips

1. Casinos Are Farther Apart Than They Appear

Kind of like a desert mirage, casinos give the illusion of being much closer to each other than they actually are. Plan for ample walking time to get from one casino to the next.

Las Vegas Travel Advice
Las Vegas Monorail by Sergey Galyonkin:

2. Get the Better View

For the best view of the Bellagio fountains, head for the pedestrian bridge that crosses the Strip at Horseshoe. The show lasts about 5 minutes and takes place every 15 minutes. Find yourself a good spot towards the end of one display, ready for the next, and you’ll be well-positioned for some great shots if you’re a budding photographer.”

Paul at

3. Money Hungry Tunnel

If you are unfortunate enough to be in the backseat of a taxi whose driver is trying to pull a fast one, request that they not take the tunnel. This is a well-known Vegas trick among taxi cab drivers to ensure they get the most out of a fair.

Sometimes it’s not necessary to go through the tunnel by the airport.

4. Crosswalk Savvy

Las Vegas Boulevard, or simply “the Strip,” is one of the nation’s busiest streets and crossing can be daunting, even dangerous. Be prepared to cross only at designated intersections and use the elevated crosswalks (pedestrian bridges).

There are a lot of distractions on the Strip, and if drinking alcohol, your judgment is impaired, so pay extra attention to street traffic.

5. Remember Resort Fees

Don’t forget to calculate resort fees when determining your total hotel cost. Fees can range up to almost $60 per night.

Costmopolitan las vegas travel tip
Secret Pizza by Thomas Hawk:

6. The “Hidden Pizza” Joint

Are you looking for some late-night pizza after hitting the clubs?

Check out Secret Pizza at the Cosmopolitan, with its tasty thin-crust Pizza. You can find it on the third floor of the Cosmopolitan and near the exit from Marquee Nightclub.

7. Drink On The House

Most casinos offer free drinks to keep people gambling, so while you’re playing, wait for a cocktail waitress to come and take your order. Tips, however, are expected and welcome.

8. Safeguard Your Stuff

With all the Vegas excitement, it’s easy to lose track of your things, i.e., phone, ID, sunglasses, etc. It’s also easy for thieves to take advantage of these prime “lifting” conditions.

DO NOT leave anything important in an easy-to-reach pocket, and don’t set your things down around you, like at a slot machine.

fremont street things to do downtown las vegas
The world’s largest video screen as seen at the Viva Vision Light Show

9. See More of Downtown Vegas

The fun in Downtown Las Vegas extends beyond the Fremont Street Experience.

Don’t turn around when you reach the end of the Fremont Street canopy at Fremont and 4th. Instead, continue walking and experience Fremont East District, home to some of the hippest bars (Atomic Liquors, The Griffin, Oak & Ivy) and restaurants (eat, VegeNation, Le Thai, Chow) in Downtown Las Vegas.

There is even an offbeat shopping center built from shipping containers, complete with a giant praying mantis that breathes fire at night.

Matt at

10. Casinos Crank The AC

Vegas might be in the middle of the desert where temps can rise over 100°, but inside, Vegas keeps it chilly. Casinos, theaters, restaurants, etc. blast the AC, plus at night, temps can really drop.

Be prepared with a sweater, wrap, or jacket.

11. Join The Club

Always signup for a player’s card (club card) when gambling at a casino.

There are often immediate perks plus the chance for future comps on your next trip.

vegas taxi line tips
Vegas Airport Taxi Line by Patrick Rasenberg:

12. Taxi Time

When scheduling your night out or departure to the airport, allow extra “hang” time to get a cab. You could end up waiting over 20 minutes.

13. Check out Las Vegas from a solo woman’s point of view

Las Vegas is not simply a land of gambling and strip shows. It’s a terrific vacation destination for the solo female traveler.

The city offers a wide variety of activities sure to appeal to most tastes, and the 24/7 nature of the city means no matter what schedule your internal clock is set to, you’ll find things to do from a female perspective.

14. Adult-Only Card Snappers

While walking the Strip, be prepared for street solicitors to try to hand you business cards, snapping them as you pass in order to get your attention.

They’re almost always X-rated images advertising Vegas call girls.

15. Drink Water!

Vegas is hot and dry, so when walking the Strip you may not even realize you’re sweating. Always carry water with you and stay hydrated. Signs of heat exhaustion are dizziness, nausea, fatigue, and headache.

16. Book Your Hotel, ASAP!

Unless there is some kind of flash sale, room rates go up the closer you get to the booking date.

Most resorts let you cancel for free within 48 hours, so book early with confidence. That said, check cancellation policies, as hotel rules vary.

View the latest Vegas hotel deals now.

Slotzilla Zipline things to do vegas
Slotzilla Zipline is seven stories high!

17. Zip It Up

With excitement on every corner, Las Vegas doesn’t disappoint. If you’re looking for a cheap thrill, check out the SlotZilla zip line and zip on down over downtown Fremont.

Looking for more thrills, discover some of the best vegas thrill rides.

18. Not Just the Griswald Family Vacation

As Las Vegas is often perceived as the ultimate playground for adults, it goes without saying that many people opt to leave the kids at home. Unless you are planning to recreate yet another sequel to the Griswald’s Family Vacation, there are some amazing family-oriented activities in Las Vegas.

The Lion Habitat is an exciting safari adventure that can be enjoyed by all members of the family.

Circus Circus caters to all varieties of big kids. In the summer time, you can make a splash at WetNWild Water Park.

19. Budget And Pace Yourself

Vegas is a city that seduces money right out of your pockets. It’s easy to get mesmerized by the lights, glitz, and glam.

Set a daily spending max, pace yourself, and stick to your budget.

Shopping at the Forum Shops in Vegas, photo by keithreed01:
Shopping at the Forum Shops in Vegas, photo by keithreed01:

20. Travel Midweek

You can save tons of money by traveling to Vegas midweek, versus fighting the weekend crowds. Many of the big hotels like Flamingo, The Link, and Circus Circus offer specials starting at $29/night (don’t forget about resort fees though). You can use all that money you saved on going out to a nice meal or trying your luck at the slots.

Christy Woodrow –

21. Wear Comfy Shoes

Plan to put in miles of walking during your Vegas trip. Just navigating from the hotel lobby up to your room can be a hike, let alone from casino to casino, which is always further than you think.

vegas strip
Vegas strip at night by Loïc Lagarde:

22. Vegas Virgins, Strip It!

There’s no second chance to make a first impression. First-timers should stay right on the Strip and experience Vegas’ full octane!

big elvis23. Wear Sun Protection

If looking and feeling like a lizard isn’t your thing, bring plenty of skin lotion, sunblock, and lip balm. Hats, caps, and visors are a good idea too. Of course, sunglasses are a must, think Elvis!

24. Don’t Over Think It

If there’s ever a time to toss your planner, it’d be a night in Vegas. There are so many things to do, just let go and see where the night takes you.

25. Go Beyond Gambling

Vegas is so much more than gambling. Make sure to enjoy the world-class restaurants, shopping, shows, entertainment and attractions, not to mention all the free things to do in Vegas!

26. Where Sunscreen!

Vegas is hot and dry most of the year, and you will easily if you are not prepared!

27. Photograph In Case You Forget

After a long day or night of Vegas fun, it’s easy to forget stuff, like your room number. Take a picture of your room number and driver’s license, just in case…

28. Save Big Sunday Thru Thursday

Booking your trip from Sunday through Thursday will save you a considerable amount of money on your room costs. Saturday nights can be upwards of 3-4 times the cost compared to during the week.

29. Avoid Taxi Fees

Something to think about when you want to get around Las Vegas is saving money using taxis. Taxi stands are at every hotel and most businesses around the Strip and Downtown Las Vegas. Most all taxi cabs offer you the convenience of using a debit or credit card to pay your fare. Please know that while this is convenient, it does come with a price! Most cab companies charge $3-$4 extra dollars for this convenience per transaction. Therefore, if you take 10 – 12 cab rides during your Las Vegas vacation, this can be an additional $30 – $48 dollars you will have to pay above the fare. Our recommendation is to always pay cash, which avoids this surcharge. Remember to always tip your driver and never try to hail a cab while on the Strip.

30. Must-do Museums

Las Vegas has many museums and galleries well worth visiting, many of which are free. Discover a cultural and historic side of Sin City, like the Mob Museum that explores the history of the mob in Vegas.

Las Vegas airport shuttle location.

31. Shuttle And Save

There’s an airport shuttle in Vegas, so if you’re on a budget and don’t mind making a few stops, then taking the shuttle will be your best ride to the airport.

32. Don’t Overpack!

Resist overpacking, lugging big luggage, and risking overweight airline fees.

You’ll likely pick up some souvenirs, so leave space in your suitcase anyway. Know if you need anything once you’re there, shopping is everywhere.

33. Say It With A Smile

Heavy tipping is not a must at the front desk for an upgrade. Sometimes a friendly smile and asking politely can go a long way.

Las Vegas limo

34. A Little Limo Splurge

For about $25 dollars more than a cab, you can take a limo from the airport to your hotel, avoid the taxi line, and feel like a VIP. You can also ask the driver to swing by the Vegas sign for a fun photo op! Presidential limo is one of the more popular Las Vegas limo providers.

35. The Quick Change

During pool season, beach clubs transform into nightclubs the moment the sun goes down. Save time and money by dressing for both. For ladies, skimpy clothing is a staple in Las Vegas so that sexy black sundress can double as a cocktail dress if you stuff the right accessories into your beach tote.

36. Go Green

Leave the plastic in the room locked up in a safe. You can stay out of trouble by bringing an allotted amount of cash for each day. Once you’ve run out, the night’s over. That’s okay, there are plenty of free attractions and entertainment in Vegas.

37. Where’s The Beef Bargain

It’s easy to get sucked into Envy The Steakhouse, Michael Mina’s StripSteak, or the sumptuous Gordon Ramsay Steak Restaurant. You can get a great steak dinner at South Point Hotel and Casino for the best deal in the valley.

The Coronado Café inside South Point offers a house special: Prime rib and porterhouse steak entrees for just $14.95. If you find yourself hungry for a quality meal at 3 am, South Point Casino offers six graveyard specials for $4.95.

38. Buy Booze Before

Hotel liquor prices are up there! If you want to enjoy drinks in your room, visit a drug store or liquor store on the way to your hotel from the airport. If you take a limo, there’s usually time for a pit stop depending on the limo deal you arranged.

see a show in vegas
See a show in Las Vegas

39. See A Show, For Sure!

Vegas shows are world-class! Take the opportunity to see at least one show during your visit. That said, don’t stress and overbook shows either–one good show goes a long way in the “great memories” department.

40. Beat The Back Home Blues

Lots of folks crash hard coming down from the high of an unforgettable Vegas trip. Schedule some fun events when you get back home to help fill that Vegas void.

41. More Money Means More Money!

Room prices at more expensive hotels have equally robust costs across the boards. If you’re booking a room at a higher-end hotel like Wynn or Encore, budget for hefty food and beverage tabs. Factor in the costs of

42. Have fun at Lake Mead

There are many water-based activities to enjoy at the lake that the Hoover Dam was built. Escape the chaos of the strip and cool off from the summer heat here. There are many boat tours and activities you can book online.

43. Discount Food Shop

Before leaving on your trip, be sure to browse sites like Travelzoo, Groupon, and and for restaurant discounts.

Drive a sports car in Las Vegas

44. Drive a Lamborghini Gallardo

While the Las Vegas Strip has a lot of great attractions and activities to enjoy, take some time to venture off the strip for an experience that most visitors don’t get. A short drive from Las Vegas can get you to unique experiences like carving up the Nevada desert on an off-road dune buggy or race a Lamborghini Gallardo around the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. These bucket list items can only be had once you leave the strip behind.

45. Go Bare

Marketed as top-optional, the Bare Pool on top of the Mirage Hotel and Casino is a unique and relaxed experience. Unlike other pools, females can go topless and it offers complimentary chaises. Bare provides a unique experience to try if it’s your cup of tea.

46. Low Down, Downtown Prices

Just about everything is cheaper in downtown Vegas; rooms, drinks, food, even gambling table limits.

Vegas slot machines
Vegas Penny Slots photo by pablocomotion:

47. Pretend “Penny” Pinching

Don’t be fooled by innocent-looking Penny Slots, you’ll likely end up dropping over 50 cents to $1 on each spin.

48. Watch Out for CNF Charges

A hidden cost at some Las Vegas restaurants is called the CNF, or “concession” fee. This fee is tacked onto one’s bill, often without warning other than in tiny print on a menu. Some culprits are Beer Park and Hexx Kitchen at Paris, Senor Frogs at Treasure Island, and Cabo Wabo Cantina at Planet Hollywood.

49. Your Bank Is Your Best Friend

Notify your bank that you’ll be vacationing in Las Vegas. If you don’t, it’s likely they will put a hold on your card for fraud protection. You may find yourself in a pretty lousy situation if you can’t get a hold of them.

onmia vegas
Omnia is one of the most popular nightclubs in Las Vegas

50. Pre Buy Entry Tickets and Save

The best way for guys to get into clubs without paying a bottle service is to buy pre-sale nightclub tickets. FYI, there’s no gender equality in Vegas clubs, in general, guys pay more to enter and drink in clubs than gals.

51. Keep an eye on your drink

From tourists to locals, keeping an eye on your drink is one of the best tips available. Those pretty blue eyes can be up to no good when she slips a little Roofie in your drink. This is one of the worst ways to spend your Vegas vacation, so be cautious.

52. Pre-game In Your Room

If you want to get your game or “buzz” on, have drinks in your room before heading out to a pool party or club. Drinks there can be near $20 each. Plan a quick trip to a nearby drug or liquor store for better booze budgeting.

rio las vegas lounge bar
Check out Voo Doo lounge at Rio Las Vegas

53. A Better Way from the Strip to Rio

Walking from the Strip to the Rio may seem like a good idea and look close, but it is not. You will have to navigate without sidewalks and through a major highway interchange so be sure your life insurance premiums are up to date if you do so. A better option is a free shuttle that runs between Harrah’s and the Rio.

54. See A Show On The Fly And Save

If you don’t care where you sit at a show or which show you see, use Tix4tonite or other discount ticket booths for half-priced tickets.

55. Join My Vegas!

By joining My Vegas in advance, you have time to play for free rewards before your trip to Vegas.

56. “Buffet of Buffets,” Bad Deal?

The Buffet of Buffets is a deal offered by the Caesar’s family of hotels that gives you a 24hr pass to visit as many buffets in their line-up as you’d heart and stomach desire. While this deal may be an easy and indulgent food solution, for folks that love to food venture, missing out on all the great Vegas eateries won’t be worth it. Instead, save using vegas buffet coupons.

las vegas advice
Vdara Mini Bar, photo by Sean MacEntee:

57. Move It and Lose It!

Be careful not to move items in your room’s mini bar unless you plan on eating/drinking them–you may be charged for the items on your room bill, even if you don’t consume them!

58. Bundles Are Not For Your Cable Bill

If you’ve never done Vegas before, it can be quite a surprise when you tally up the unexpected expenses you’ve incurred at the end of your trip. Online services are available to bundle airfare, hotel rooms, rental cars, and shows into a neat package. It saves money and a bunch of fuss most of the time. It is always good to compare booking separately, however.

59. Consider Car Rental

If you plan on moving around a lot during your stay in Vegas, you could save money by renting a car rather than taking taxis everywhere.

No folding by Chimpr:
No folding here…photo by Chimpr:

60. Be Like Kenny Rogers

This tip may seem fairly obvious; however, many visitors find they wish they had heeded the advice. You really have to know when to fold ’em and know when to walk away. After you’ve had a lucky run at the gambling table, know when to pack it in. If you’re down money, it’s safe to give it a couple more hands, but after that, you start treading on a slippery slope.

61. Show Stoppers

Be aware that most shows go dark a few days a week, so if there’s a show you really want to see, plan ahead and make sure it’s playing on the night you’re considering.

62. Chill Out

Ask the hotel for a mini-fridge so you can store your drinks and cold foods. While there may be a per night charge, it would be worth stocking it with your own store-bought goodies.

63. A Tip on Tipping

Vegas has a massive service industry that relies on tipping. Tips are unofficially expected, especially since workers are taxed on them! Remember to tip anyone that provides a service, from bellhops to waiters, valet attendants to taxi drivers.

64. A Rule About Rules

Make sure you know your casino game rules before you start throwing your money around. Take a course in gambling and put the odds in your favor. Classes are available at Boulder Station, Circus Circus, Excalibur, Gold Coast, Golden Nugget, Luxor, MGM Grand, and many other casinos.

65. About Alcohol…

Unlike most cities, Las Vegas allows you to carry alcohol in the street and it’s available for purchase 24/7.

Hoover Dam photo by Merton Wilton:
Tour the Hoover Dam, photo by Merton Wilton:

66. Remember The Tours

There’s a guided tour for just about anything you might want to do in Vegas. If you want to remove stress and planning from your trip, check first to see if there’s a tour for your desired activity.

67. Out Of Time

Casinos have a great way of not letting you realize what time it is. There are no clocks, anywhere, and artificial light fools your brain to never knowing what time of day or night it actually is. If you have to keep to a schedule, be sure to wear a watch or keep track of time with your phone.

Bellagio vegas
View of the Bellagio fountains in Vegas

68. Monorail The Strip

Save on cab fees and foot fatigue! The Las Vegas Monorail runs about 4 miles long, from the SLS Station to the MGM Grand Station with trains arriving approximately 5-6 minutes. Visit the website for single ride and day pass discounts.

69. Avoid Holiday Price Hikes and Hassles

Prices on Holiday weekends are hiked up everywhere and the Strip is really packed. If you can, plan your trip sans holiday or even weekends, for that matter!

70. Ladies – take off those heels

This tip is directed for the lady readers. No matter how fabulous your high heel shoes may be, there will come a time you feel the urge to take them off. It happens all the time.

Women, dressed to the nines can be seen walking down the strip barefoot. Pack a small pair of flats or sandals in your purse for later in the evening.

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71. Move UBER Taxis. Rideshares Are Taking Over

Taxis in Las Vegas are notorious for shadiness. Uber and Lyft have recently become available in Las Vegas. These companies pride themselves on being like a friendly neighbor giving you a ride. They are often substantially cheaper than a taxi and won’t take you through the tunnel.

Wynn Sportsbook, photo by leyla.a:
Wynn Sportsbook, photo by leyla.a:

72. Scoring free drinks at the sports book

Here is a brief rundown on how to increase one’s chances of scoring free drinks at the sports book. I hope this works for you.

TIP! – Money talks, especially in Vegas. If you tip, you can generally expect better service – throwing a dollar or two at the ticket writers when placing a bet usually leads to more drink tickets in sports books that use the drink coupon system.

ASK – Some sports books go out of their way to offer free drink tickets, while others seem to want to keep it a secret. So, just ask…..politely of course.

AVOID CG TECHNOLOGY SPORTS BOOKS – CG Technology race and sports books are classy spots. The HD screens are top-notch and the motif of their sports books is sleek, modern, and very well done. But when it comes to free drinks, they do not cut the mustard – comped drinks are non-existent at CG sports books, which include The Venetian, Cosmopolitan, Tropicana, Hard Rock, and a few others.

GO OFF THE BEATEN PATH – Many of the smaller and/or off-strip sports books tend to be more liberal with their comps. So, if you are staying at one of these locales, spending time at these sports books may work out just fine as far as free drinks are concerned.

Some favorite spots with liberal free drink policies include Bellagio, South Point, Westgate, Excalibur, Flamingo, and Wynn.

Tommy Lorenzo –

73. Funny Money. No Laughing Matter

When frequenting a gentleman’s club, use cash. Avoid using the club’s ATM as the standard surcharge is between 10-20%. Avoid purchasing lap dances on your credit card. When you use your credit card, you will be given funny money to give to the entertainer. Sometimes clubs will charge your card without your knowledge especially if they recognize you’re buzzed.

las vegas vacation tips

74. Warning: Vegas Is Addictive!

You may very well get hooked after your first Vegas trip, so while you’re there, start planning your next trip! Keep a running list of where you absolutely want to revisit, and what you’d didn’t have a chance to discover, but will next time!


With all the insider expert tips provided, you are well on your way to experiencing all Vegas has to offer without breaking the bank or your back. You probably now know more than many locals, so here’s to no more excuses! After applying these tips, you’re officially off the hook for making the right type of bad decisions that are only acceptable in Sin City, Las Vegas.

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  2. 2 ladies with dodgy knees think the deuce bus is fabulous but I have noticed most articles giving hints about Las Vegas usually mention taxis first. Seniors also get 50 percent off so it’s only $10 for 3 days.

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