Las Vegas Bottle Service Ins and Outs

Bottle Service in Las Vegas

What is Bottle Service

Bottle service in Las Vegas, like most places, basically gives you VIP treatment with a place to sit, waived cover and quick entry, security, your own waitress, and of course bottles of liquor.

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You can do bottle service in most nightclubs, lounges, and strip clubs in Vegas.

Bottle service is not cheap and may seem like a waste of money for some people. While some people enjoy blowing money at the tables or on a nice dinner in Vegas others might prefer bottle service at a nightclub…to each their own.

The Costs of Bottle Service

The cost of a bottle at a Las Vegas nightclub can range from $325 to $600 for a basic one liter bottle of Grey Goose, Jack Daniels, Patron, or other similar alcohol. Lounges and strip clubs prices will be cheaper than nightclubs most of the time.

Keep in mind you have a minimum spend or minimum number of bottles you need to meet based on how many people you have in your group. Also the better location you request like a dance floor table will raise this minimum.

Bottle prices and minimums increase on holidays and weekends. You can find better deals during the week, so keep that in mind. Also the more popular in demand venues will be more expensive and have higher bottle minimums.

Most of the time it is a one bottle minimum for up to 3-4 people. So this means you need to buy one bottle including taxes and tips. Some places require a 2 bottle minimum regardless the amount of people.

Do not think you would just need to spend only $425 for one bottle and that is it, here is also what you need to keep in mind:

1. Auto gratuity of 20% to waitress
2. 8+% sales tax
3. Optional tips ($20-$100 is common) to security and busser
4. Optional tip to host ($50 to $100+ per bottle is common )

So lets do an example of a 2 bottle minimum at $475 a bottle:

(Bottles ($475*2)+Tax($475*2*0.08)+Waitress Tip($475*2*0.20)+Busser/Security/Host Tips($200) )= $1416

For 8 people this would be $177.

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Is Bottle Service Worth It

Bottle service is not for everyone and you do not need it to enjoy yourself at nightclub.

It does have its perks and makes sense for different cases.

Let’s first compare what it would cost for 8 guys to enter a top club without bottle service compared to with bottle service.


-8 guys paying cover at $50 = $400
-1 hour plus wait
-Waiting for drinks
-$12 a drink and 7 drinks per person = $672
-No place to sit
-Total cost $1072+ or $134 per person

With bottle service:

-$177 per person (as calculated above) or $43 more than without bottle service
-No cover, minimal to no wait in the line
-No waiting to get drinks and dedicated waitress
-A place to sit and talk
-Other perks like getting ladies to the table and escort to restroom…

That is just one example to see it actually would not be too much more for bottle service.

If you are by yourself or with one or two other people it probably does not make sense though in terms of price.

Setting Up Bottle Service

It is recommended that you reserve your table through a direct host at the club and not a 3rd party independent host.

Contact the club host about 2 months before your arrival and tell them how many people you have and ask what your options and prices/minimums are.

Confirm they day before and keep in contact with them if any thing changes or you add/subtract people from your group.

Jack Colton has a good list of Vegas nightclub contacts I would recommend.

Buy Tickets Instead!

Not willing to spend $1000 plus for bottle service.  The best way to get in with no hassle is pre sale tickets.  You will spend less than cover and avoid the long waits.

Visit our Las Vegas DJ Schedule page to view events.

Recommended Spots for Bottle Service

All the top nightclubs and even a few of the lounges do bottle service.  Here are the elite clubs that are worth trying out. 


Top Tier (Most expensive)

Less Expensive

Dayclubs/Pool Parties:

Overall Thoughts on Bottle Service

Bottle service is a great way to celebrate a special occasion or just to go big.  I guarantee  it will be one of your favorite nights in Vegas and most likely think it is worth the cost.  For a group of guys that want to get in hassle free and that will be drinking alot, I think it is the best way to go.

Have fun!