Quite Please

Wynn offers the epitome of luxury, but if you’re looking for peace and quiet in the evening, it’s important to choose a room on an upper floor with a golf course view, and as far south as possible. If you prefer a view of the Strip, you may have to deal with the noise from the Tryst Nightclub – no matter which floor you’re on.

Lake of Dreams

Don’t miss the Lake of Dreams show at the Wynn. This is a beautiful and tranquil break from the hectic pace and noise of the city, with the three-acre lake transformed by thousands of underwater LED lights and images projected onto a waterfall.

The Pool

The American pool is a little quieter than the European pool – you should also be aware that attendants pay far more attention to guests who tip well. The restaurants are pricey, but you can find a better value at Red 8, the Terrace Pointe Café and the Zooazcrackers deli.

Succulent Steak

If you like a good steak, be sure to hit the SW Steakhouse for the most mouth-wateringly delicious meal you’ve probably had in a very long time. The funnel cakes are also to die for.

One Review to “Wynn”

  1. The best hotel on the Las Vegas strip IMO. It is not cheap cheap to stay here nor are many of the restaurants either but you get what you pay for.

    You will not see many kids here either and the casino floor and pools are immaculate.

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