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North Tower

Bally’s Las Vegas is at the center of all of the action in the city, and by booking in advance you’ll often find it offers a very good value as well. Ask for the North Tower; while the South Tower has a better view, the rooms are dated and not nearly as opulent as the North Tower suites which have over 800 square feet and a Jacuzzi.


If you’re looking for bargain cuisine, head to Nosh, with massive sandwiches that are more than enough for two people. If you arrive toward the end of breakfast at “The Big Kitchen Buffet,” you’ll pay the breakfast price but can stay for the pricier lunch fare.

Deep End Pools

For good drink service sit at the machines closest to the bar or play at the tables, and be sure to make use of the hotel pool. This is one of the few deep end pools in Vegas with the opportunity to get a real work out and plenty of room to stretch out.

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