FlyLINQ Zipline Prices, Discounts, and Guide

FlyLINQ is the Las Vegas Strip’s only zipline.

It’s the perfect opportunity for all thrill-seekers to take the excitement to the next level.

This zipline experience takes you 12 stories above The LINQ Promenade also provides an action-focused activity if the casinos, bars, or pools aren’t quite cutting it.

We’ll discuss everything you need to know about the FlyLINQ Vegas Zipline experience below.

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The FLY LINQ Zipline on the Vegas Strip
The FlyINQ Zipline heading towards the High Roller in the LINQ Promenade 

FlyLINQ Zip line Hours

Monday4 pm to 12 am
Thrusday4 pm to 12 am
Friday4 pm to 12 am
Saturday4 pm to 12 am
Sunday4 pm to 12 am

FlyLINQ Location

The FlyLINQ is right next to the LINQ hotel right on the strip.

Address: 3545 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

FlyLINQ Zipline Prices

Anytime Ticket$35.00
Group Ticket (20 or more)$30.00
Discount Tickets$21.75

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The FLY LINQ Zipline on the Vegas Strip
The FLY LINQ Zipline on the Vegas Strip

Tips and Information

Are you interested in zip lining with FlyLINQ? Here are all of the tips and information you should know before you go!

FlyLINQ has a height and weight limit. You must be between 3’4” and 6’8” in height, and 60 to 300 pounds (27 kg to 136 kg) for weight.

FlyLINQ is the only zipline on the Strip. You may get confused at some point if someone tells you that there are indeed other ziplines in Vegas.

FlyLINQ’s draw is the fact that you’re right over the Strip itself. That said, if you try it and want to continue your zip lining fun, then there certainly are other options available in the city to try out.

You and your friends can launch simultaneously. Thanks to its 10 side-by-side ziplines, FlyLINQ makes it possible to soar through the air right next to your group of friends or family members.

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FlyLINQ Discounts

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