Encore Beach Club Pool Details

  • Type of Venue: Pool Party
  • Hotel: Encore
  • Location: Strip

Encore Beach Club Vegas Pool Day club

Encore Beach Club – Photo Credit: EBC Instagram @encorebeachclub

Encore Beach Club Review and Tips

Encore Beach Club can be found at the Encore Las Vegas, promoted as a premiere Vegas destination with a luxurious pool venue reminiscent of European hot spots and an upscale party atmosphere. The 60,000 square foot venue offers a lush oasis that includes three tiered pools, oversized lily-pad lounges floating in the water and even a place where guests can dance under a shower pole.

Encore Beach Club (EBC) Lounging options

Choose from the lily pads, daybeds, Cabanas or eight sought-after and high-priced bungalows that include private infinity hot tubs and much more. On big weekends expect to spend upwards of $1,000 just for the smallest daybed and Bungalows upwards of $5000. The lily pads closest to the stage will put you right in the middle of all the action.

Tip: You can lounge for free on the edge of the pool or on the sitting on the planters scattered throughout the complex.  Be sure to get there early to claim your spot.

Admission and prices in general

You might experience a long wait, 1-2 hours plus, unless you can manage to get on a guest list, buy a VIP Pass online, or you happen to be an extremely hot, young female or wealthy.  For a group of guys it is recommended to get their early and either buy tickets or reserve a VIP spot.

Calvin Harris at Encore Beach Club

Encore Beach Club Pool - Calvin Harris

Bungalows on both the upper and lower levels can be $10,000+ on a major holiday weekend. Cabanas holding approximately 12-15 guests go for about $7,000 on busy weekends or as low as $1,500 when less crowded. Day beds and lily pads are about the same price – requiring a minimum of $1,000 +spent on food and beverage.  Sundays will be the most expensive compared to Friday and Saturdays.

Expect to pay around $9 for a beer and $18 or more for drinks like a Bloody Mary or a Margarita. Pitchers of mixed drinks are $100+.
While the Encore Beach Club is pricey, most who have the cash to shell out feel it is well worth it.

EBC Atmosphere

This is a beautiful spotless pool that seems to never get dirty even after a long day of partying. Those who attempt to get in wearing baggy clothes and chains or see-through swimwear will not be allowed in. Think dress to impress in minimal clothing. You will also see celebrities here as well.

Tip: Sundays are Encore Beach Club’s best day!

The vibe here is a fun party atmosphere on a more upper-class scale.

Encore Beach Music

The Encore Beach Club Pool features DJs like David Guetta, The Chainsmokers, Diplo, Alesso, DJ Snake, Kygo, Galantis and more.