Bare Pool Lounge Details

  • Type of Venue: Pool Party
  • Hotel: Mirage
  • Location: Strip

Bare Pool and Lounge Info

Bare Pool is located at the Mirage, with the trek to get there winding through a jungle oasis that feels like a secret hideaway. Upon arrival, you’ll find an intimate pool area where women are free to wonder around topless if they choose.

Bare offers a more relaxing, chill atmosphere without the wall-to-wall packed in feeling of some of the other clubs. You’ll find 14,000 square feet that includes two luxury dipping pools, a full service bar, six plasma screens, poolside daybeds, chaise lounge chairs and cabanas.

Bare Pool Lounge

There is also a nice mix of people, mostly upper class with few that would be considered “trashy.” As with many of the Vegas pool clubs, expect to find an endless number of beautiful people, scantily clad and looking to be seen.
Celebrity guests have included Tommy Lee, Slash, Nicole Scherzinger and Deryck Whibley among others.

Bare Pool Admission

Women are always $10, while men pay $20 Sunday through Thursday and $40 on Friday and Saturday. If you want to avoid waiting in line, there are several online sites that can put you on the guest list which will put you in front with discounted admission or completely free.

For females, the hotter they are, the less they’ll have to pay, if any.

Bare VIP options

Lounge chairs and daybeds can be had for as little as $50 to $250 depending on the weekend, with cabanas starting at about $900. This is a bargain for Vegas pool clubs.

Both daybeds and cabanas include complimentary services like chilled cucumbers to soothe puffy eyes, iced towels rolled and chilled in lemon water and Evian misting bottles. A massage therapist is located onsite for those who’d like to indulge in a rub down.

Bare Pool Lounge Music

There is a variety of great DJ spun music with New York City’s famed George Garcia occasionally making an appearance, with many L.A. DJs coming to take a turn including DJs Earwaxx Que & RPS and Those Guys.

No matter who shows up at Bare, it always seems that the music is jamming and the guests are smiling.

Food and beverage

The food and drink prices are on par with everywhere else in Las Vegas, with the menu offering a good variety of specialty foods. The pizza is a favorite, and the Turkey Panini, although it’ll put you back about $20, is to die for. Coconut shrimp and juicy burgers are also very good. You can order pitchers of pre-mixed cocktails that offer a slightly better bargain at $60 each, including Bloody Marys, Margaritas and Mojitos.