Vegas DJ Schedules & Nightclub Events for Tonight and This Weekend

Are you looking to plan your Vegas nightlife schedule tonight, this weekend or for an upcoming trip?

Browse the vegas club events above to view current vegas DJ schedules, purchase event tickets, and reserve VIP bottle service.

Be sure to grab tickets to the Las Vegas EDM club events in the calendar above for quick entry.

Las Vegas DJ Schedules

Hakkasan in Las Vegas. Instagram @hakkasanlv

Club Schedules and Days Open

Here are the best vegas nightclubs typically open during each day of the week to help you plan your club agenda.

Vegas nightclubs open Mondays

  • XS, Jewel, Marquee

Vegas nightclubs open Tuesdays

  • Omnia

Vegas nightclubs open Wednesdays

  • Hakasaan, EBC at Night, The Light, 1 Oak

Vegas clubs open Thursdays

  • Omnia, Tao, Hakkasan

Lss Vegas nightclubs open Fridays

  • XS, Omnia, Hakkasan, Jewel, Marquee, Tao, The Light, 1Oak

Open Saturdays

  • Omnia, XS, Hakkasan, Jewel, Marquee, Tao, The Light, 1Oak

Open Sundays

  • XS, Omnia, Hakkasan, Marquee, Tao

How Get Into a Las Vegas Club This Weekend

Are you planning on visiting the clubs tonight, this weekend, or soon? 

Here are some ways to get in and see the top Vegas DJs:

1. Pay Cover and wait

This is the slowest option, especially for guys. You may wait up to 90 minutes to get in depending on demand.

2.  Purchase Tickets

Buying presale tickets are a great option to skip the long lines and guarantee your entry – just arrive before midnight and you should be good to go. Browse the list of DJ club events above by date.

Buying club tickets in advance is the best way to get into a Vegas club if you are not doing VIP bottle service.

3.  Bottle Service & VIP Entry

One of the more expensive options that guarantee club entry quickly is with Bottle Service or VIP entry.  You will be provided seating with a minimum spend on alcohol and/or food.

Read more about vegas bottle service and see if it is the right thing for your group.

dj event calendar in vegas

Some of the best DJs perform at Omnia in Las Vegas. Photo via Instagram @omnianightclub

Resident DJs

Read our full list of resident DJs in Vegas for 2020.

Las Vegas Club Event Prices

Lets take a look at some of the club prices:

  • Cover Charge: Varies – Typically $50 for males, $10-$30 for females
  • Pre Sell Entry Tickets: From $10 to $75, Female tickets often less
  • Drink Prices: Beers from $10, Mixed drinks from $18+
  • Bottle Service Prices: $$$$ – Typical pricing is 1 bottle minimum ($425+tip&taxes) for 3-4 people on average.

Las Vegas Events FAQ

What time do Vegas DJs and performers start their sets or live performances?

Typically the headliners will perform at 1 am and might go all the way until 3-4am in the morning.

When should I buy tickets?

If it is a holiday weekend, you should buy tickets asap since they typically sell out leading up to the event.

For other events, you can purchase the day before.