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drai's beach club

Pool Season and Day Club Openings For 2018

Las Vegas pool season will be here is no time. Here are the latest updates on some of the pool party and day club openings for 2018.

If you are trying to plan your trip around the pool openings, we have ... more

Palazzo vs Venetian Pools

Venetian vs Palazzo Las Vegas

The Venetian and Palazzo Las Vegas are very similar hotels, connected to each other on the north side of the Las Vegas strip.  The Venetian was the first to open in May 1999 followed by the Palazzo in January 2008.  ... more

Wynn vs Encore Las Vegas Comparison

Las Vegas Showdown: Wynn vs. Encore

At the north end of the action on the Las Vegas strip are two hotel casinos that look very similar – The Wynn and the Encore. Each is a beautifully massive gold building, and they both contain some of the ... more

Raider Nation In Las Vegas

You can here them from the fountains of the Bellagio, lurking in the shadows of the abandoned pirate ship of the Mirage. They move with the speed of light, like the Luxor’s laser pyramid … and with a steady rumble, ... more

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