Mirage Pool Las Vegas Guide – Hours & Prices

MGM Resorts in Las Vegas is known for providing luxury experiences as well as pool options. Within MGM, you can find two different pool areas, each with its appeal.

One geared towards adults and one that is family-friendly.

Below you’ll find a guide on the Mirage Pool in Las Vegas guide, one of the best vegas resort pools on the strip.

Let’s jump into the details!

Mirage pool las vegas - hours, prices

Mirage Pool – General Info

As mentioned, the Mirage Pool is located at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas. There are two pools located here – the Main Pool and the Oasis Pool.

The main pool area is family-friendly, while the private Oasis pool is only accessible by those who rent a private lounge chair. You must be 18+ in order to rent a lounge chair and enjoy the Oasis Pool.

The Main Pool area features cascading waterfalls and ample seating. Multiple waterslides are available for children to use in this area. There are also rafts available for rental daily. You’ll find this pool heated, which is an excellent feature when the temperatures drop in the winter.

Nearby the two pools, you’ll find Paradise Café. This spot offers outdoor seating under palm trees. Drinks and lunch can be ordered in this area.

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Mirage Pool Hours

The Mirage Pool/main pool is open from 9 am to 7 pm every day and throughout the whole year.

The Private Oasis Pool and private cabanas are open from 10 am to 6 pm daily.

After these hours, you can retire to your hotel room or head out on the Vegas Strip for additional entertainment.

mirage pool in las vegas

Mirage Pool Prices – Cabana and Reservations

Pool prices vary at Mirage Pool depending on which seating option you choose. There are lounge chairs available at the Main Pool that do not have any costs. However, they are on a first-come, first-serve basis. As they can not be reserved, they can fill up quite quickly.

Other available seating options include private Oasis chairs, Mirage daybeds, and Main Pool cabanas. Pricing is available below based on Sunday reservations.

  • Reserved Seating – $90
  • Private Oasis Chairs – $80
  • Mirage Daybed – $115
  • Main Pool Cabana – $300

These options can be reserved online ahead of time or by phone if you’re booking on the same day. Prices vary depending on which day you reserve your seating option.

During the week, you can expect pricing to be lower (except for Fridays).

Saturdays have the highest pricing, and Sunday pricing will be similar to that of Fridays.

For MGM Resorts hotel guests, you will have free access to the Main Pool. For non-guests, you can rent a lounge chair, cabana or pay an entry fee for the Oasis Pool.

Bare Pool Information

Bare Pool Lounge is also for those who are 21+ and will require an ID for entry. Guests can enjoy topless sunbathing in a relaxed environment with bottle service and dipping pools in this pool area.

You’ll also find a dress code at Bare Pool which includes upscale swimwear (sundress/coverup or nicer shorts and shirt).

There is an entry fee each day the pool is open, ranging from $10-$20 for females and $20-$30 for males.

There are also different lounging areas that can be rented here. The rental cost also varies based on the day that you visit.

Pricing is below based on a Friday visit for each seating option.

  • Lounge Chair – $300
  • Daybed – $500
  • VIP Daybed – $750
  • Cabana – $1,200

You’ll find the experience at Bare Pool luxurious and tranquil as you lounge in the shade from the palm trees. It is also very private and provides a secluded feeling.

Bare Pool Lounge vs. Mirage Pool

The Mirage Pool provides a different experience than the Bare Pool. At the Mirage Main Pool, there are no minimum age requirements so that the whole family can head here.

You’ll still find it to be a relaxing environment as it’s filled with multiple waterfalls and two saltwater pools. This includes the main pool and a quiet pool. There are also two whirlpool spas available for use.

Cabanas can be rented at the Mirage Pool as well – these include TVs, a personal cabana host, and lounge chairs. Other seating options include reserved seating (lounge chairs), daybeds, and private oasis chairs.

The Mirage Pool (Main Pool) is ideal for those who want to bring their families or who don’t want to partake in European sunbathing.

Head to the Bare Pool if you’re looking for a more luxurious spa-like experience that is adults only. The Bare Pool, as mentioned above, also includes multiple seating options. It is only open Thursday through Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm.

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Whether you opt for The Bare Pool or The Mirage Pool on Las Vegas Blvd,– you can expect excellent poolside service in a luxury environment. Choose between a relaxing day with your family or an adults-only experience.

Regardless of the option chosen, you’ll be able to take a dip in the pool and enjoy your summer day. You can even try both to compare!

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