Flamingo Pool Las Vegas Guide

Your stay in Las Vegas is incomplete without a visit to a pool. Specifically – Flamingo Pool. It’s an excellent family-friendly find that provides entertainment and a break from the sweltering summer heat.

Of course, there are many available pool options in Las Vegas. The Flamingo Pool is one of the best, along with its connected pool – Go Pool.

Below you’ll find a detailed guide on the Flamingo Pool Las Vegas so you can confidently travel here.

Flamingo Go pool - Flamingo Pools Las Vegas Guide
Flamingo Go pool

Flamingo Pool – General Info

The Beach Club Pool (Flamingo Pool) is located at the Flamingo Las Vegas hotel and is the smaller pool of the two available. It’s also on the lower side. When you arrive at the pool, you’ll notice pink flamingo statues surround it.

Slightly beyond the statutes lay green palm trees all around the pool. It’s located on 15 acres of land with ponds, fish, and birds to create a serene experience.

The flamingo pools are some of the best pools on the Vegas Strip.

There is a waterslide available, as well as a lagoon pool area and waterfalls. It’s a relatively relaxing environment for you and your kids to relax in. There’s also a café right near the pool, which can be utilized during swim time or swim breaks.

flamingo vegas cheap beers and drinks - great pools too

You’ll find the pool and hotel right on The Las Vegas Strip. The pool is so close to the strip that you can see views of the nearby High Roller Observation Wheel and the FlyLINQ, one of the best zip lines in Vegas.

It’s a great way to spend the day with the whole family as there is no minimum age requirement for entry.

This pool is unheated, though the high temperatures in Las Vegas make the pool feel refreshing. It’s also only 3.5 feet at its deepest.

For those looking to visit – this pool is only useable for hotel guests. Unfortunately, day passes can’t be purchased for this location. If you’re interested in checking out the pool, make sure to reserve a room at the hotel first.

Outside food and drink are not allowed to be brought into the pool area. You’ll also need your hotel room pass for access to the pool.

Pool Hours

The Flamingo Pool hours are 9 am to 5 pm every day. Daily entry is free for hotel dwellers. The dress code is casual here.

As a note, while the pool is family-friendly, anyone under 18 years old will need a chaperone.

Pool Prices For Cabanas and Reservations

There is plenty of open seating around the pool for you and your family. If you want a more private experience, there are also six cabanas and daybeds open for reservations.

The cost for each depends on the day you intend to use them. During the week, prices are much lower. If you’re concerned about your budget – opt for a reservation Monday through Thursday.

Pricing for cabanas is below:

  • Monday through Thursday: $100
  • Fridays: $600
  • Saturdays: $800
  • Sundays: $550 

Keep in mind; this is current pricing that may shift throughout the year. There’s also a $200 minimum amount that needs to be spent on food and drinks while renting the cabanas.

Daybeds are a great option as well – you’ll have fewer amenities, but you’ll still receive that privacy you crave and a larger lounging area.

Pricing for daybeds is below:

  • Monday through Thursday: $100
  • Fridays: $150
  • Saturdays: $300
  • Sundays: $200

Daybeds also have a minimum spend amount, though it’s only $100.

Reservations can be made directly through the website at the following link – Beach Club Reservations. You can also call the following number for reservations – 702-697-2888. Your reservation will be held until 11 am the same day.

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Go Pool Information (Prices and Entry)

The Go Pool is also part of the Flamingo Hotel on the upper side. It’s quite a bit larger than the Beach Club Pool and is intended for those who are over 21 years old.

You will be carded at the pool to ensure you meet the required age minimum. The vibe here is quite different – more similar to a party pool combined with a club atmosphere.

Go Pool entry is also included in your hotel stay. However, non-hotel guests can also access this pool for a daily fee of $20. There are four different seating options to choose from at the Go Pool; each option has its own cost. There is one option for free seating, the complimentary lounge chairs – they are on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Small beds are available for rent for $100.

You can also rent daybeds for $150, party daybeds for $250, and pool deck cabanas for $400.

Expect prices to be double or triple on weekends, depending on which day you visit.

Daybeds at the Go Pool also have a minimum spend amount of $100.

When renting the cabanas, you’ll be expected to spend at least $500 on food and drinks. However, if you opt for the VIP cabana rental, you’ll have a whole bottle of liquor plus three mixers included at no additional cost.

Pricing is detailed out for each weekend day below.


  • Small beds – $200
  • Daybeds – $400
  • Party daybeds – $900
  • Pool deck cabanas – $1,500


  • Small beds – $300
  • Daybeds – $500
  • Party daybeds – $750
  • Pool deck cabanas – $1,700


  • Small beds – $250
  • Daybeds – $400
  • Party daybeds – $800
  • Pool deck cabanas – $1,300

The Go Pool is open every day from 9 am to 6 pm. Expect activities like limbo, dance competitions, and even prizes. Gaming is available near the pool as well. The dress code notes swimsuits highly recommended.

The Go Pool is also unheated. The maximum depth for this pool matches the Beach Club Pool at 3.5 feet.

Flamingo Beach Club Pool + Go Pool FAQ

Q: When does it open and close during the year?

A: Pool season for both the Flamingo Pool and Go Pool is in the middle of March through the end of October. Previously, the pools were open year-round. Now, they stick to this schedule each year.

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