What is the Best Caesars Palace Tower?

Ask anyone along the Las Vegas Strip which Caesars Palace Tower offers the best stay, and you’ll get many answers.

Some claim the luxurious Julius Tower is a top option, especially after its $100 million renovation in 2016.

Others claim that the elegant Octavius Tower provides the best stay with a more refined appeal.

The impressive Caesars Palace, featuring nearly 4,000 rooms, is divided into six towers, each offering a different type of stay. The below guide will help you answer, “What is the best Caesars Palace tower?” so you can proceed with booking your next Vegas trip!

Best Caesars Palace Tower

Caesars Palace Augustus Tower

  • Standard Room Size: 650 sq. ft.
  • Cheapest Room Price: $159

Often the first tower many consider when staying at Caesars Palace, Augustus Tower offers a truly luxurious stay with spacious rooms, legendary marble bathrooms, and stunning views of the Bellagio Fountain. These rooms are tucked away from the hotel’s casino, ensuring a quiet and comfortable stay.

This tower is found on the south side of Caesars Palace and features 949 rooms of varying sizes. The smallest rooms start around $150 per night, while the higher-end rooms and Executive Suites begin at $800+ per night.

Top tower at Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace Julius Tower

  • Standard Room Size: 350 sq. ft.
  • Cheapest Room Price: $119

The Julius Tower has a long history at Caesars Palace, as it was the first tower ever built on the property! It’s also the most recently renovated option, featuring 587 rooms spread over 14 floors. Because of the round shape of this tower, the views are not ideal.

You’ll also notice the rooms are smaller than most standard rooms in other towers.

However, the newly renovated, luxurious feel of the rooms makes up for the size and lack of view. Additionally, the Julius Tower is closest to the casino and onsite restaurants. Rooms in the Julius Tower range from $115 per night.

Caesars Palace pools - Octavius tower is near the pools
Caesars Palace has many excellent pool choices.

Caesars Palace Octavius Tower

  • Standard Room Size: 550 sq. ft.
  • Cheapest Room Price: $139

You can access the Octavius Tower through a lobby connecting to the Augustus Tower. This tower is also far away from the casino area, providing a quiet stay.

It’s considered the top option for a more opulent stay, featuring décor closer to quiet luxury than bolder upscale options.

Depending on which room you stay in, you’ll be offered a view of The Strip and the Bellagio Fountains or the Temple and Neptune pools. These luxury rooms include a large king-sized bed and spa bathrooms.

A stay in the Octavius Tower means you’ll be close to the Garden of the Gods pool oasis and the Juno Garden.

Caesars Palace Nobu Tower

  • Standard Room Size: 350 sq. ft.
  • Cheapest Room Price: $159

Staying in the Nobu Tower provides a different aesthetic than the typical Roman décor in the remaining towers. When you walk into the tower, you’ll notice a Japanese-inspired style that is sleek and luxurious in a more subdued way.

The Nobu Tower is home to the Nobu Bar & Lounge, one of the most famous restaurants in the area. This well-known restaurant serves exquisite sushi options with high-quality seafood.

If you choose the top levels of the Nobu Tower, you’ll find breathtaking views of the Las Vegas Strip’s skyline. Rooms range from $160 – $3000+ per night, with the penthouse including a personal butler.  

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What Is the Best Caesars Palace Tower?

Caesars Palace Forum Tower

  • Standard Room Size: 350 sq. ft.
  • Cheapest Room Price: $109

The Forum Tower is a top choice for budget travelers who want to be close to the action at Caesars Palace. It’s an ideal accommodation for casino-goers and those who want easy access to the top shopping at the Forum shops.

This tower is also closest to the entertainment at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace.

Even though it has the lowest per-room cost, you’ll still find luxurious amenities, like a spa tub and rain showers. Standard rooms start near $110 per night, with the Duplex suite ranging from $1500 to $4000+ per night. The Duplex suite is famous for housing many celebrities and being featured in various Vegas TV shows and movies.

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Caesars Palace Palace Tower

  • Standard Room Size: 525 sq. ft.
  • Cheapest Room Price: $139

Last but not least is the Palace Tower, also known as the largest tower at Caesars Palace. This tower has also undergone a recent $100 million renovation, and now the Palace Tower rooms include plush king and queen-sized beds, LED flat-screen TVs, and an opulent appeal.

This tower is centrally located, providing easy access to various attractions at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. A quick walk from your Palace Tower room, suite, or villa will bring you to the nearby Appian Way shops or the onsite convention center.

You can select between rooms and suites decorated with beautiful grey and royal blue accents. Or, elect to stay on the 29th floor in one of the newly renovated villas. These villas are the epitome of luxe, with inspiration drawn from Greece, Germany, the English regency era, and the French empire. Stays for the villas start at $3000+ per night.

Final Thoughts on What Is the Best Caesars Palace Tower

Ultimately, no tower’s better than the other. Instead, consider your budget, which attractions you want to be close to, and what amenities are non-negotiables in your room.

These factors will help determine which tower is ideal for your next Las Vegas trip.

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