A Guide to Bellagio Parking from Tips to Fees and More

With impressive water fountains out front, stunning art, fine dining options, and a quiet luxury feel spread throughout the hotel, it’s easy to see why the Bellagio is one of the top-rated hotels in Las Vegas.

Keep in mind it does cost to park at the Bellagio, even for just one hour.

Below, you’ll find a guide on everything Bellagio parking-related from self-park options to parking fees and valet parking rates.

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Bellagio Self-Parking

Unfortunately, there’s no way to achieve free parking at Bellagio unless you are a Pearl or above member of MGM Rewards or stay less than one hour.

Nevada Residents: Free parking for the first 3 hours, except for special events and holidays.

The first hour of parking is free though it will only offer enough time to run in and out of the hotel. Otherwise, those who are part of the higher levels of the MGM rewards system will find the self-parking facilities free. 

Self-parking garage and rates at Bellagio

Where is the Self Parking Garage?

You’ll find the Bellagio parking garage to be on the south side of the main building.

You can park on four levels, with the top level offering the most incredible views of The Strip.

Bellagio Valet Parking

Valet parking is a different story than self-parking.

Unfortunately, there is no free valet parking unless you are a Platinum level of MGM Rewards.

Even parking for less than an hour has a fee. If you’d like to valet park, simply drive up to the valet kiosk and hand one of the valet drivers your keys.

In return, you’ll receive a parking ticket that you’ll need to keep on hand for car pickup. Then, you can enjoy everything the Bellagio offers, like Cirque du Soleil, until you’re ready to pick up your car.

Bellagio Parking Tips

Here are a few tips to make parking at the Bellagio easier and potentially more cost-effective!

  • Always keep your parking ticket with you, as you’ll need it to exit the self-park garage. If you misplace your ticket, you’ll pay a higher Bellagio self-parking fee of $30 for parking.
  • Hotel guests can use their room keys to enter and exit the self-park area. Always keep the room key or parking ticket on you to avoid confusion.
  • Free parking areas are available nearby, though you’ll have to walk about half a mile to a mile. You can park at The Shops At Crystals and Tropicana for free, though Tropicana is further away (about a 20-minute walk).
  • If you elect to use valet parking, make sure to plan, as it can take anywhere from a few minutes to 20+ minutes for valet drivers to find your car and bring it to you.
Bellagio parking fees, valet, self-parking

Bellagio Las Vegas Parking Fees

Parking typically runs about $15-$18 per day in the self-parking garage at this hotel. Alternatively, you can elect to partake in the valet parking option, which has a rate of $21-$25 per day, depending on a few variables.

The cost for valet parking varies based on the length of your stay and the day of the week.

Bellagio Self-Parking Rates:

  • Hour 1: Free
  • Hour 2-4: $15
  • Hour 4-24: $18
  • Every 24 Hours (after the first day): $18

Bellagio Valet Parking Rates:


  • Hour 0-2: $21
  • Hour 2-4: $25
  • Hour 4-24: $30
  • Every 24 Hours (after the first day): $30


  • Hour 0-2: $25
  • Hour 2-4: $30
  • Hour 4-24: $35
  • Every 24 Hours (after the first day): $35

The Bellagio is known for having higher parking prices than the surrounding hotels, though it is a luxury stay that can account for its parking fees.

You’ll typically be paying a fee regardless of whether you opt to drive to the self-park Bellagio parking garage or hand your keys to a valet driver.

If you require free parking, you can find some spots nearby the Bellagio that require a 12-20 minute walk.

Parking at Bellagio FAQ

Is there any way I can self-park for free at Bellagio?

Yes, if you are part of MGM rewards and are a Pearl level and above, self-parking can be free based on availability.

How can I Valet for free at Bellagio?

Become a platinum MGM Rewards member to have access to free valet parking.

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