AREA15 Las Vegas – Tickets and Guide

Are you a music festival enthusiast or just someone who loves exploring exciting places?

AREA15 in Las Vegas is like no location or experience offered before.

It combines secret locations with fun and exciting areas to explore.

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AREA15 Las Vegas Attraction Guide

It is a self-proclaimed immersive experience that combines art, rides, and food into one. It is truly a unique experience and a trip to the mall you won’t soon forget.

You’ll want to bring your camera for this one – it is truly Instagram-worthy and one of the most unique things to do in Vegas.

AREA15 in LAs Vegas

What is AREA15 in Las Vegas?

AREA15 combines giant art pieces pulled from both music and art festivities into one spot. Indeed the name is a play on the words Area 51, and it wouldn’t be that far off as a description for this spot.

AREA15 is a fun attraction, very artistic

The experience is very otherworldly. You’ll be left feeling surprised and in awe.

It might seem like an odd combination of things to see and do. In reality, it’s like a mall that has been converted into something between an interactive art show and an amusement park on steroids.

Area15 Attractions

Imagine brilliant lights and music that move according to your control, indoor ziplines, delicious food, and hidden portals that bring you into alternate universes.

AREA 15 is a place you’ll want to explore for a full day or even a few days.

How much does AREA15 cost?

Surprisingly, it’s free to get in and free to park in the lot.

However, once you enter the area, you’ll need to pay for any experiences you choose and any food items you consume.

Pricing per experience varies from $13.50 per adult ticket to $55.

Children’s tickets range from $10-$50.

View prices for each specific event on the website.

Getting AREA15 Tickets

Purchase tickets directly through the AREA15 website. Each attraction/event will need to have a ticket purchased for it separately.

Other purchase options include via the Area15 app or directly at Area15. If you decide to reserve/purchase tickets at this spot, be prepared for the desired time slot to sold out.

You will need a separate ticket to enter each activity.

Attractions in AREA15 Vegas

Things To Do At AREA15

There are 22 different events, activities, restaurants, and shops to stop in at AREA15.

Here are a few of the activities you can check out while visiting.

Omega Mart inside AREA15

Omega Mart

Omega mart is a large collection of unique works of art organized into different exhibits or portals.

It is totally unpredictable and extraordinary.  

Another view of Omega Mart Vegas

Dueling Axes

Book a lane for yourself, your significant other, or a friends’ night out. Opt for one- or two-hour time slots and throw axes at wooden targets hung from the walls.

Things to do in AREA15 Vegas


Have you ever wondered what it felt like to fly? Here’s your chance to test it out. You can experience this through a combination of VR and a machine. You’ll feel like you’re flying through treetops both visually and physically.

Haley’s Comet

Zipline inside through lit-up sections and over the heads of people in this adventurous event. The actual ride is described as a combination of ziplining and hang gliding. There are two tracks, so it’s encouraged to race a friend or loved one.

Van Gogh: Immersive Experience

You will see Van Gogh’s famous paintings displayed across the walls via projector. Each piece of art moves and shifts along with sounds to make you feel like you’re in your painting.

Wink World: Portals Into The Infinite

A former Blue Man Group member created this light and sound show. It is reminiscent of a performance you would see by this same group. Travel down the portal and step into somewhere you’ve never seen before.

Each room is filled with mirrors and lights to create new shapes and visuals.


Sometimes the new light and sound experiences can be overwhelming. Emporium offers an old-school arcade filled with games like pinball and skeeball. It’s also an excellent spot to grab a beer as you challenge a friend to a game of pool.

Other available exhibits include an experience controlled by your thoughts and indoor golf and virtual reality experiences.

Location and Getting to AREA15

AREA15 is relatively easy to get to, especially if you’re heading here from the airport or a nearby hotel like the MGM Grand.

Address: 3215 S Rancho Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89102.

Find this entertaining spot between MGM Grand and the Vegas Event Center.

Take East Tropicana Avenue to I-15, take exit 39 or 40 depending on if you’re heading here from the south or north, and turn onto S Rancho Dr, where you’ll find AREA15.

AREA15 FAQ and info


Is AREA15 the same as Meow Wolf?

No, Meow Wolf is considered an art collective. Meaning, multiple artists gathered together to create a unique final product that allows you to explore different stories and landscapes. Artists came together from around the world to create this unique activity.

AREA15 houses the art from Meow Wolf. They are not the same.

What is the age limit at AREA15?

Most of the activities are open for all ages during the day, except the Emporium. This spot is considered a bar and requires a legal ID proving a 21+ age.

Otherwise, all ages are welcome until 10 pm each day. After that, only those who are over 21 are allowed in Area 15.

Omega Mart Art and Neon

What is Omega Mart?

Omega Mart is the art interactive art exhibit created by Meow Wolf.

It is the starting point from which you can explore other “portals.”

Omega Mart Portals

Each “new world” is playful and unexpected. Enjoy the art displayed at this activity.

Events also occur throughout the year, from a rotating exhibit like the Van Gogh: Immersive Experience, Halloween Ball, concert, or a painting experience.

AREA 15 is truly a unique adventure. With its changing exhibits, multiple light and sound shows, interactive art, and unique shops (check out the glow in the dark items), you won’t find a better place to visit.

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